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I need a recipe for Monarch by Kings Crest

Hi all. My favourite all day vape is Monarch by Kings Crest, but over here in England it's more expensive than Have any of you alchemists got a pretty accurate flavour recipe that is identical??

I've posted a couple of my own mixes on, a Strawberry & Banana Cream, and a Banoffee Pie. When I mix the two it's pretty similar, but it's missing that toffee note that Monarch has. It also isn't as light as Monarch, which sucks.

My mix also has a slight 'sour milk' smell from the cream concentrate, so can any of you recommend a tasty cream/custard concentrate that isn't sour or contains diacetyl of acetoin.

My current favourite is Bavarian Cream, but I found out it has traces of diacetyl, so need a 'healthy' replacement with that vanilla note.

Thanks dudes (and vaperettes).

You will make my year if you can help. :)


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What did you mix? I've never tried this, but I don't mind helping. Just need some sort of flavor profile or description of the juice.

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