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I built an app for puff tracking that helps people quit/moderate vape consumption

Hey everyone,

Longtime lurker and someone who's been on the vaping journey just like many of you. During my days in software engineering school, I was reflecting on my own vaping habits and realized there weren't many tools tailored for those of us wanting to cut back or quit.

After countless hours and too much coffee to admit, I created the "Puff Tracker."

Here's how it might help:

  • Log your puffs, whether it's a single one or multiple, allowing you to see patterns over time.
  • Offers insights into your vaping habits with detailed stats.
  • For those actively looking to reduce or quit, set daily goals and read motivational logs to keep you focused and inspired.
I've planned a feature for the future for those wanting to fully quit, there will be personalized plans tailored to your journey.

I've launched a beta version for Android, and I'd be so grateful if some of you could give it a whirl and share your thoughts. What do you feel is missing? What resonates with you? How can this tool truly support your quitting journey?

Link to Play Store

This project isn't some big venture startup, it's a passion project from someone who truly wants to make a difference in this community. Here's to each of us finding our own path to a healthier lifestyle!

Sending positive vibes and thank you for reading!

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