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  1. VapeCraftInc

    Vape Craft Inc | 600mL of VC E-Juice for $60 | Free (U.S) Shipping Orders Over $50

    Get 600mL of Vape Craft E-Liquid For $60! Use Code: "FATPACK" in your cart. Free (U.S) Shipping Over $50 Click here to visit Vape Craft Inc
  2. V

    Best Squonk RDA?

    Hey folks, so I've had the Lost Vape Paranormal DNA250C for a while now with a regular tank. But I just don't get the flavor that I want. So I'm switching to a Squonk Mod. I've been doing a lot of research on the best mod and the best RDA for the mod. I've still got more research to do on the...
  3. Parrish

    Best RTA For Flavour

    Just as the title says, I'm looking for RTA's with the best flavors, preferably something that's not around a $100, haha. Things about what I like: - I find that I like my vape warm as I think it brings the most flavor - I like ones with not a lot of airflow (but not MTL) - I also happen to...
  4. VapeCraftInc

    Vape Craft Black Friday Week Long Event | Up to 60% off Hardware + E-Liquid Deals

    Black Friday Page is Activated! Check out this page daily to see our biggest deals we have ever offered! Get a Vape Tank and Two 120mL Eliquid Bottles for as low as $22.99! Visit Vape Craft Inc Black Friday Vape Page
  5. C

    A good high end RTA recommandation?

    Hi, Im a regular RDA user and I want to also buy a high end rda that would also give me as good flavor as a regular RDA at leas, I ve tried a lot of RTA's like the pharaoh and pharaoh mini, the zesthia, the ammit 25... but none of them had a good ratio flavor/ build quality besides they all had...
  6. Countrypami

    4TH OF JULY DEALS 2018

    All 4th of July Deals should be placed in THIS THREAD ...any that are not, will be moved here. THANKS FOR THE DEALS!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. VapeCraftInc

    Vape Blog | Best Vape Craft E-Juice | Best Online Vape Shop

    Hey Vape Fam! Check out our newest blog post on some our top selling & long time favorite eliquid flavors. Favorite Vape Craft EJuice Flavors
  8. M

    Up to 55% off Mech Sauce Today

    Hey Everyone, Come take a road trip with us today. If you're not a gold member already, you really should be. Just in case, check out our newest promotion for all Gold Members. Up to 55% our store products today. Hop in and Join Us. : ) :xD:
  9. HealthCabin

    ProColor and Priv V8, the best SMOK kits 2017?

    These two SMOK kits never lack topics, but it's no doubt that they are the most popular and continue hitting, do you guys agree? For those who have not try SMOK products, these two are highly recommended. The SMOK ProColor Kit comes with a ProColor TC MOD and a TFV8 Big Baby tank. Powered by...
  10. SallyDonut

    Worlds Best Vape Tricks Video

    Please like, share etc. Thanks! Crysti
  11. HighClassVapeCo

    20% Off Ejuice + Vape Supplies @ High Class Vapes + Free Shipping Over $25 (U.S Only)

    TGIF Vapers! This Weekend Get Access To Our "MAX" E-Juice Sale! Just use code: "MAX" in your cart to get 25% off ejuice site-wide plus select vaping accessories & hardware! Over 60 Delicious Flavors To Choose From 600mL Bundle Packs starting at $70.00! Happy Vaping! Try Out These Premium...
  12. tr1age

    The BEST Vaping Products of 2017

    We really wanted to address ALL VAPERS Beginner and Advanced in regards to what the best vaping products are. But make sure you only have to buy them once and are good to go. No buyers remorse or need to upgrade later. No holds bar! Future proof! You will have everything you need right at the...
  13. maq1919

    Best tank for chainvaping on Subvod Mega tc?

    My toptank mini cracked. Looking for an upgrade. The subvod mega fires at around 35 to 40 watts. Looking for clouds! I already have an eleaf pico I stick 75 watt. I know I wont get as much vapor from the subvod however I need something I can take with me. Thank you.
  14. Mikhail Naumov

    Mikhail's Modding Part Awards (And modding advice) 2017

    I'm bored and I want to throw a bone to any fellow modders than may be prowling these forums. So here are the best in class awards for all of the different parts you can find to shove inside boxes to make vapor happen. DISCLAIMER: Modding is a vastly personal art that offers varying levels of...
  15. Mikhail Naumov

    The best and worst of the 'style' clones on 3F.

    As of late the amount of cheap 'style' clone rebuildable atomizers I have seen popping up on 3FVape has hit an all time high, so I thought I would list the best and the shittest of those I have tried. Best rebuildables: Elite Gen 2 28.5mm RDA $10.59 Velocity 24 25.7mm RDA $10.59 (SS) / $11.59...
  16. Mikhail Naumov

    Vandy Vape Govad RDA

    RIP Trippers is claiming best RDA of 2017, seems impossible to find info about it outside of his video but here it is: Seems cool enough, but I feel like he's only calling best RDA of 2017 because it's his deck design from the Pharaoh and he's a Geekvape fanboy. Kind of like a Plume Veil...
  17. Origin Vape

    There's a lot of new beginner kits out there - about time someone dissected and compared them all!

    So we made a blog post about them! We are going to be adding more as we see them pop up. 2017 is going to be the most successful year yet for people quitting cigarettes. There's so many options, and success rates with quitting smoking are skyrocketing...
  18. JosCiv

    Which coil for best flavour?

    Hi vapers, I was thinking about the amount of flavour I got from my coil lately since i'm using a 0.18 ohm coil and these have a great flavour too but at a higher wattage... No complains about it but i'm considering to increase the flavour and maybe decrease the clouds (if possible I would keep...
  19. N


    Hello guys, I was looking for a gold G-Priv for my birthday and found one on , I was quite sceptical about the authenticity but I saw a couple of other posts on reddit etc saying it's a legitimate website. Having the logo of this forum on the page as well made me think it is...
  20. BronzyIsland

    Best Nicotine?

    Just like there's a bunch flavor makers out there...there's a bunch more nicotine makers. Does anybody have an opinion on who makes the best nicotine? just curious.
  21. djk8280

    District 4 Vapor 1700 29th ST Ashland, KY 41101

    Ashland Kentucky Premier Vapor Lounge District 4 Vapor 1700 29th ST Ashland, KY 41101 606-262-2029 Hours Sunday-Thursday: 11 AM -8 PM Friday and Saturday: 11 AM -10 PM
  22. WZM

    Recommendations for UK e juice

    Hi all! Just looking for some recommendations for your favourite UK based online e liquid shops. I vape 70-100% vg e liquids, normally fizzy drinks, fruit, or aniseed / cinnamon flavours. Not looking for tobacco flavours! FYI I have been loyal to thepurestvapours (UK) for some time but lately...
  23. M


    Mervape is not just an e-juice company, it is a family. We create liquids to generate the most amazing vaping experience. We only use the best ingredients. Coming out of Brooklyn, New York, we keep things very real and very clean. Try our flavored juices and be inducted to the Mervape family...

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