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Which coil for best flavour?


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Hi vapers,

I was thinking about the amount of flavour I got from my coil lately since i'm using a 0.18 ohm coil and these have a great flavour too but at a higher wattage... No complains about it but i'm considering to increase the flavour and maybe decrease the clouds (if possible I would keep them both ;))

So before you guys link me to other threads for best coils and tanks related to flavour I just want to say that I'm looking for coils specifically for my Melo 3. I've seen that the higher in ohm you go the more flavour but in my experience there are some coils that aren't much of a great taste. I also used a notch coil and I really like those coils but I'm not sure if there are some other coils on the market? From what I've learned are ceramic coils good ones but I'm not sure if this is true?

Also on all the other threads most of suggestions are for either big clouds or either MTL hits with above ohm coils. Maybe their is a golden coil in between that I've missed?

Oh just one last thing, which coils/tanks are you guys and girls using? Maybe I'll buy myself a delayed Christmas gift :bliss:

Vape on!
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The load has nothing to do with flavor. More juice evaporated in a smaller chamber is what gets you flavor. To evaporate more juice you need surface area and fast enough wicking to feed it.
The quest for flavor is what got me into building. I started making clapton like most people, then learned to alien and so on.
So far Staple Aliens and Staple Staggered Fused Claptons are my favorites and it will probably stay there.
The only way to get exotic coils is to pay us to make them or just learn to.
I've looked on ebay for exotic coils and they are garbage so when I get time I'll start selling them there.

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