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  1. Zipur

    Looking for a new tank (easy to use, clouds etc.)

    My Melo RT 25's coils is running out of production, at least for the website I'm using. I looking for a similar tank but better, if you could help me find these features comparing to the Melo RT 25: Widely accessible coils, not too expensive and needs to be durable Coils that are easy to...
  2. BaileyKJB87

    Melo III Mini Atomizer (Coils)

    Hello, I just recently purchased a Pico box kit and it came with a Melo III Mini. I don't vape heavily I tend to keep it around thirty watts but just today I decided to amp it up to seventy-five watts (my box's max) and I immediately received an awful burnt taste. I've only had this tank for...
  3. JosCiv

    Which coil for best flavour?

    Hi vapers, I was thinking about the amount of flavour I got from my coil lately since i'm using a 0.18 ohm coil and these have a great flavour too but at a higher wattage... No complains about it but i'm considering to increase the flavour and maybe decrease the clouds (if possible I would keep...
  4. Ramsay Bolton

    Eleaf Melo RT 22 3.8ml and 25 4.5ml * NEW *

    I dunno about groundbreaking, but I do like the easy top fill method. Unless the info I've read is incorrect, there's an RBA available separately for the 25 version only! MELO RT 22 Product Introduction: The MELO RT 22 features its innovative “Retractable Top” (RT) solution which makes...
  5. Kiwironic

    My first attempt at vaping with this setup

    Hey guys, New guy here from New Zealand, middle earth :) for all of lord or the rings fans. I have bought a few things to give vaping a try, I watched some videos, read some articles and did my research and here is what I got so far: 1- Mod: Eleaf iStick Pico 75W TC Box Mod - FULL BLACK...
  6. damndirtyvapes

    Melo 3 AFC

    So I got a Pico Kit to add to the ever-growing collection as I needed an on-the-go device. I actually am completely in love with it, I swear it's my new favorite thing ever. The tank is pretty great too. BUT. I am finding the AFC super duper loose. I'm not sure if this is normal or not. It's...
  7. smokstore

    Eleaf Melo 3 Tank $20

    hi,guys,eleaf melo 3 tank only $20 with free shipping on smokstore. use the coupon code: " melo-3-smokstore" Product link:
  8. J

    melo 2 base

    Has anyone taken the melo 2 base apart? How? Thanks!

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