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Looking for a new tank (easy to use, clouds etc.)

My Melo RT 25's coils is running out of production, at least for the website I'm using. I looking for a similar tank but better, if you could help me find these features comparing to the Melo RT 25:

  • Widely accessible coils, not too expensive and needs to be durable
  • Coils that are easy to replace (no need to put in new wires aso. manually)
  • Bigger tank preferably (4.5ml+) (not too important)
  • Mesh coil if not too expensive(for bigger clouds)
  • A coil that will give at least the same amount of taste (using single coil right now)

My mod goes up to 100W, and my budget is about $30.
My friend recommended me the Smok TFV16, is this a good recommendation?
My main goals are ease of use, not expensive to change coils and large clouds.
- Thanks for the help
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I don't know diddly about the Melo RT 25, but I'm pleased with my HorizonTech Falcon Kings with the M-Dual coils. Great flavour and plenty of clouds. Neither of mine has leaked a drop. The tank, itself, can be had on-line for under $30 and the M-Dual coils run around $13 for a three-pack.

Some people are fond of the ehpro Raptor. A similar tank. In fact the coils between the Raptor and Falcon King are compatible with one another. Apparently the Falcon King and Falcon can use the same coils, too. So I suppose the Raptor could use Falcon coils.

I also have a Falcon. Nearly as much taste and clouds as the King. Some have experienced leaking with theirs. Mine leaked twice--both times I think user error. The Falcon is probably best with the Falcon M2 coils.

I run my Kings at 50-57W, depending upon juice, and my Falcon at around 50W.

In fact: I've got my Falcon on my mod even as I'm typing this. Hmmm... time for a vape, I think :)

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