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  1. CBF91


    (1.WotofoXsuck my mod - Nudge rda)(2.Hell Vape - Dead Rabbit )(3. 2x wotofo - profile ps)(4. Oumier - wasp nano )(5. Wismec X jaybo- indestructible )(6. DigiflavorXGeekvape - Drop v2)(6.geekvape - Zmax tank Plus 3 new coil) $10 a piece on all Rdas, both profile ps' for $10 because inhave no...
  2. V

    UK NEW: Geekvape Tsunami Reborn Z RDA

    We are honored to introduce to you the new product of geekvape, which is also a new product added to our website—— Geekvape Tsunami Reborn Z RDA. With a distinctive downwards-slanted airflow and adjustable settings, this RDA promises a tailored experience for both Direct-to-Lung (DTL) and...
  3. NemoBass

    Mods and Tanks Forsale

    Location:US-MO Item name: Doom RTA + 7 mesh coils and shoelace cotton Price: $25 shipped Condition:8/10 Used good shape Comments: Gunmetal Link to Photos: Item name: Jac Vapour Series-B DNA 75 mod ***SOLD*** Price: ***SOLD*** Condition: 9/10 Comments: Silver 25mm Item name: Evic Primo Mini...
  4. V

    New Atomizer: Aspire Atlantis GT Tank

    Today I want to bring you a brand new atomizer, aspire atlantis gt tank. With a standard capacity of 4ml and a TPD capacity of 2ml, you can assemble and match the glass tube according to your actual needs. The base can be adapted to different diameter air inlets, including 1mm/1.2mm/1.5mm...
  5. V

    Newly Launched: HorizonTech Aquila Ti Sub Ohm Tank

    The newly launched horizontech aquila ti sub ohm tank has an absolutely stylish and cool appearance, which is very eye-catching and trendy. The overall volume of this tank is relatively large, you can see that it has two upper and lower thread patterns, and the middle part is made of transparent...
  6. V

    Newly Launched: Dovpo DnP Pod Tank

    The new dovpo dnp pod tank attracted widespread attention as soon as it was released. It comes in silver and charcoal black for an understated look that accentuates texture. The shell is composed of two parts. The upper part is made of transparent material, which is more convenient for you to...
  7. V

    New Released: Freemax M Pro 3 Tank

    Today I want to introduce to you a very atmospheric and reliable atomizer, freemax m pro 3 tank. This is a safety device with ISO 8317 protection certification. It uses a large capacity of 5ml and basically allows you to enjoy it for a few days. The vaping time can be easily filled by unscrewing...
  8. V

    Newly Launched: Vandy Vape Kylin M Tank

    Vandy Vape Kylin M Tank is a container specially made for vandy vape pulse aio/ pulse aio 5 with a regular volume of 3ml. What you need to pay special attention to is that the container needs to be manually mounted inside. There is a rubber plug on the side of the unit for easy refilling. The...
  9. V

    Newly Launched: SMOK T-Air Subtank Best Atomizer

    SMOK has launched a brand new atomizer, the smok t-air subtank, which is made of stainless steel and heat-resistant glass. Its capacity is 5ml and you can refill by unscrewing the top cover. The 5 rubber rings added inside make the e-liquid leak nowhere. The width is 32mm. It is a rebuildable...
  10. V

    New Arrival: BP MODS TMD BORO Tank

    BP MODS has recently launched two more tanks. Today I want to introduce you to the bp mods tmd boro. It uses a 5ml capacity and can basically maintain your smoking time for 1-2 days. The tank is made of PCTG material, which is safe and durable. Provides tight airflow and anti-condensation pads...
  11. V

    New Arrival: Geekvape Z Sub-ohm SE Tank

    The geekvape z se sub-ohm uk is a very cool and trendy device. As a special edition tank, the Z SE Tank holds up to 5.5ml of vape juice. It can be swung open by pressing the child lock at the top. Not only is it well protected from children but it also prevents the leakage of e-liquid. The top...
  12. V

    Newly Launched: HorizonTech Aquila Tank

    The best horizontech aquila tank is a sub-ohm tank with a novel coil structure. the E2 0.16ohm coil combines four coil elements to increase the area and allow for better vaporization. The included cotton is absorbent with bamboo pulp, so it is very antibacterial and has a stronger absorption...
  13. F

    WTS: High end mechs and squonk collection

    Good day all, MSRP: 3400$+ Asking price: 1500$ Link to pictures: Reposting the thread as I was away for a while from moving. I have been out of the game for over a year and would love to see my collection(some high end, some low end) go to a good home...
  14. cloumix

    New Released! Hellvape Helheim S30 RDTA

    Brand: Hellvape Product Name: Hellvape Helheim S30 RDTA Type: RDTA Introduction Hellvape Helheim S30 RDTA comes with 12ml vape juice capacity providing your all-day vaping. It is surrounded by a tank shield, and the dual honeycomb system airflow has three types of airflow adjustment...
  15. V

    New Released: Hellvape Hellbeast 2 Tank

    Hellvape is one of the best sub-ohm tanks on the market, highly creative and compatible. The Hellvape Hellbeast 2 Tank is designed with sturdy stainless steel and is of good quality to ensure a lighter feel. Hellvape Hellbeast 2 adopts Pyrex glass to enhance the toughness of the material...
  16. V

    Review: Freemax Fireluke Solo Tank £20.99

    Best Freemax Fireluke Solo Tank is a sub-ohm tank and is the first Double-D Mesh coil in the world. Featuring FM COILTECH5.0/Double-D Mesh technology. This technology can improve the overall flavor as well as heating speed up to 50%. Adopting an innovative parallel mesh structure to more fully...
  17. V

    New Released: Lost Vape Centaurus Tank £18.99

    Lost Vape Centaurus Tank review features a stunning appearance. Luxurious and sophisticated, Centaurus Sub Ohm Tank gives you perfect visual enjoyment. As you can see by the appearance, the vape juice is stored through a glass tube and you can clearly know when it needs to be refilled. The tank...
  18. V

    Best BP MODS Sure RTA 22mm In UK

    BP MODS Sure RTA may look like an ordinary tank to you, but it is often this unassuming device that is so striking. This rebuildable tank comes with a 22mm diameter and a 3.8ml original capacity as well as a reconfigurable 2.4ml short tank and a 6ml long tank, which is designed with the user in...
  19. cloumix

    New Released! Oumier Wasp Nano RTA MAX, Single & Dual Coils Built

    Brand: Oumier Product Name: Oumier Wasp Nano RTA MAX Type: RTA Introduction Oumier Wasp Nano RTA MAX carries a 4ml e-liquid capacity and a bubble glass for 5ml capacity to give users more enjoyment, and the filling port is on the top of the tank that when run out of the liquid, just...
  20. cloumix

    New Tank! Aspire Nautilus 3 Tank (Special Edition)

    Brand: Aspire Product Name: Aspire Nautilus 3 Tank (Special Edition) Type: Tank Introduction Aspire Nautilus 3 Tank (Special Edition) is compatible with the wide range of Nautilus BVC Coils. It holds a 4ml capacity and uses Nautilus series coils emulates closely to Nautilus GT taste...
  21. Dovpo

    Pioneer V1.5 RTA by Dovpo x BPmod

    Pioneer V1.5 RTA Pioneer V1.5 RTA· Born out of Pioneer MTL RTA.· DL/RDL/MTL.· 22mm diameter.· Easy rebuilding.· 3.2ml capacity.· Slide-open top cap with locking system.· Removable evaporation space compressor.· Two different chimneys for flavor adjustment.· Tobacco Chimney - designed by...
  22. cloumix

    New Released! Vapefly Lindwurm RTA 5ml

    Brand: Vapefly Product Name: Vapefly Lindwurm RTA 5ml Type: Tank Introduction Vapefly Lindwurm RTA with 5ml big capacity was designed by German 103 & Vapefly, which embodies the spirit of striving for excellence. It is created a delicate pattern and a premium appearance by the shield...
  23. cloumix

    New Released! Hellvape Dead Rabbit Max RDA 28mm

    Brand: Hellvape Product Name: Hellvape Dead Rabbit Max RDA Type: RDA Tank Introduction Hellvape Dead Rabbit Max RDA comes with an adjustable rabbit eyes X airflow design, which will bring you a more concentrated airflow intake with a smoother vaping experience. Besides, it features a...
  24. cloumix

    New Released! Vapefly Alberich MTL RTA with 6 airflow pins

    Brand: Vapefly Product Name: Vapefly Alberich MTL RTA Type: RTA Introduction VapeflyAlberich MTL RTA is a crafted work, which is specially designed for MTL Vapers. Featuring bottom airflow design, the airflow goes directly to the coil, Alberich can provide a smooth and silent vape...
  25. cloumix

    New Released! Hellvape SERI RDA, Coupon Code: SERI

    Brand: Hellvape Product Name: Hellvape SERI RDA Type: RDA Introduction Hellvape SERI RDA adopts Tripe Series Coil/Dual Series Coil design, it can provide super power RDA up to 200W from the using of 3 pcs of super low resistance coil that generates huge and dense vapor. SERI RDA also...
  26. cloumix

    New Rleased! Vandyvape Berserker V3 MTL RTA

    Brand: Vandyvape Product Name: Vandyvape Berserker V3 MTL RTA Type: RTA Introduction Vandyvape Berserker V3 MTL RTA is a solid RTA, measuring 24mm in diameter. The B3 MTL RTA retains its signature single coil deck section and includes a standard glass for 2ml/6ml capacity. Following in...
  27. N

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  28. cloumix

    New Released! Vandyvape Pyro V4 RDTA 5ml

    Brand: Vandyvape Product Name: Vandyvape Pyro V4 RDTA 5ml Type: RDTA Introduction Vandyvape Pyro V4 RDTA 5ml is a firm RDTA, featuring top airflow and anti-leaking design. Vandyvape created new air path design for Pyro V4, which makes it airflow smoother and taste. Pyro V4 RDTA holds 5ml big...
  29. cloumix

    [New Released] Hellvape Dead Rabbit R Tank

    Brand: Hellvape Product Name: Hellvape Dead Rabbit R Tank Type: Tank Introduction Hellvape Dead Rabbit R Tank is an amazing flavor producer that allows you to build the coil with DIY Fun. The complete bottom airflow and extremely condensed chamber bring you new level vaping experience...
  30. Efun.Top

    Geekvape Z MTL Tank

    Geekvape Z MTL Tank Sale Products
  31. cloumix

    [New Released] Vandyvape Kylin M PRO RTA 8ml

    Brand: Vandyvape Product Name: Vandyvape Kylin M PRO RTA Type: RTA Introduction Vandyvape Kylin M PRO RTA is a compact RTA while it holds startling 8ml e-liquid capacity that affords your passion for vaping and turns to be performed in the key time. Compared to Kylin M RTA, Kylin M PRO RTA is...
  32. cloumix

    [New Released] OUMIER Wasp King RDA with BF Pin

    Brand: OUMIER Product Name: OUMIER Wasp King RDA Type: RDA Introduction OUMIER Wasp King RDA is a remarkable and special accessory that you must own. To have a best-vaping experience and dense flavor as far as possible, an adjustable swirl airflow and dual slotted airflow control are wonderful...
  33. F

    WTS: High end mechs and squonk collection

    Good day all, MSRP: 3400$+ Asking price: 2000$ OBO Link to pictures: Click here for pictures I have been out of the game for over a year and would love to see my collection(some high end, some low end) go to a good home. Please find the items below that would go with the collection. I have...
  34. Efun.Top

    Advken OWL Pro Tank

    Advken OWL Pro Tank Sale Products
  35. Efun.Top

    Geekvape P Sub Ohm Tank

    Geekvape P Sub Ohm Tank Sale Products
  36. cloumix

    [New Released] Geekvape Z RDA Compatible with BF Pin

    Brand: Geekvape Product Name: Geekvape Z RDA Type: RDA Introduction Geekvape Z RDA holds unique leak-proof top-to-bottom airflow system to produce marvelous flavor and fulfill precise airflow control. Geekvape Z RDA features a dual-coil deck that makes coil-building easy. Besides, it is also...
  37. Efun.Top

    Geekvape Z RDA Tank

    Geekvape Z RDA Tank new arrival Sale Products
  38. cloumix

    New Arrival! Digiflavor Torch RTA 5.5ml

    Brand: Digiflavor Product Name: Digiflavor Torch RTA 5.5ml Type: RTA Introduction Digiflavor Torch RTA 5.5ml is a firm RTA made by food-grade SS. It holds 5.5ml super large e-liquid capacity, which saves you from the trouble of frequent infusion. It adopts top-to side airflow system with...
  39. ECigMafia Official

    New Arrival | GeekVape Obelisk 120 FC Z Kit

    New Arrival | GeekVape Obelisk 120 FC Z Kit Features -The world's first vape with safe fast charging -Portable power supply -Internal 3700mah battery(dual-cell 2* 1850mah), 15min fast charging -USB PD Safe Charging -USB-C Direct Charging -Ultra-long Battery life -OTG Reserve Charge -Geekvape...
  40. cloumix

    New Released! Vandy Vape Rath RDA

    Brand: Vandy Vape Product Name: Vandy Vape Rath RDA Type: RDA Introduction Vandy Vape Rath RDA is a firm RDA that holds a deep groove with large e-liquid storage, featuring ceramic +/- electrodes. There are various airflow adjustment methods. Parameters of Vandy Vape Rath RDA Diameter: 24mm...
  41. cloumix

    New Released! ThunderHead Creations Tauren Max RDA

    Brand: ThunderHead Creations Product Name: ThunderHead Creations Tauren Max RDA Type: RDA Introduction ThunderHead Creations Tauren Max RDA is a brand new postless dual coil RDA. It is innovatively applied 3D honeycomb airflow system featuring with ceramic postless build deck. There are 26pcs...
  42. Efun.Top

    New: Geekvape Z Max Sub-Ohm Tank!

    Geekvape Z Max Sub-Ohm Tank! new arrival Sale Products
  43. 3Avape Official

    Review: $9.72 Geekvape Cerberus Sub Ohm Tank 5.5ml

    Product introduction GeekVape Cerberus Sub Ohm Tank from GeekVape has a highly compatible 25 mm base diameter offering extreme compatibility with most modern mods and provides a number of welcome convenience-enhancing features, traditional looks, and the ability to accept Geekvape's impressive...
  44. ECigMafia Official

    New Arrival | Digiflavor Z1 SBS 80W Kit

    Parameters: Size: 49* 25* 105.7mm Battery: single 18650 battery(not included) Output: 5-80W Output voltage: 1.0-8.5V Input voltage: 3.7-4.25V Modes: VW, VV, Bypass modes Resistance: 0.1-3ohm Charging: 5V/ 2A Fully charged voltage: 4.15-4.25V Features: Powered by single 18650 battery with...
  45. 3Avape Official

    $2.90 In Stock Deal: Uwell Crown 3 Sub Ohm Tank

    Product introduction Uwell Crown III Sub-Ohm Tank is the modernized rendition of the trendsetting Crown series, elevating the Sub-Ohm segment with top-tier chassis design featuring 5mL juice capacity, threaded top-fill, and introducing the innovative plug-pull Crown III replacement coils.Uwell...
  46. cloumix

    New Released! Wotofo THE TROLL X RTA 5ml

    Brand: Wotofo Product Name: Wotofo THE TROLL X RTA Type: RTA Introduction Wotofo THE TROLL X RTA is specifically designed towards flavor-centric production featuring a unique bridge-post build deck along with the modernized Genesis-style chassis. The Troll RTA measures 24mm in diameter...
  47. cloumix

    New Released! Money Off-10/$30, Hellvape VERTEX MTL RTA

    Brand: Hellvape Product Name: Hellvape VERTEX MTL RTA Type: RTA Introduction Hellvape VERTEX MTL RTA is designed with 22mm diameter with two posts side by side, which makes coil installation easier. It armed with a turntable with 3 airflow intake structures offering more airflow combos for...
  48. D

    HELP! Eleaf BASAL Tank Options

    hello everyone, I'm not new to vaping but I have used the same setup since I started which means over the past couple of years I haven't really learned much but I'm really happy with what I have (for the most part). It's nothing special or custom, just an Eleaf Basal with the original tank that...
  49. cloumix

    Cloumix - 20% OFF SITEWIDE, Free Gifts

    Hi guys, the Christmas event will end on the 30th. Please seize the opportunity to get a 20% discount on the site, the biggest and best discount this year. Details>>> 20% OFF SITEWIDE Coupon Code: MERRY (Big Sale/Special Discount/Clearance Exclude) Also, free gifts for order over $100(excluding...
  50. smokstore

    The Newest Crown Tank Available---Check Uwell Crown 5

    Check the UWELL Crown 5 Sub-ohm tanks, the diameter 29mm, with 5ml e-juice capacity, with convenient top e-juice refill design, with dual large airflow slots allows fort he restricted DL or Loose DL vaping, the Single Mesh, Dual Mesh and Triple Mesh Coils available, the mesh coils can fully and...

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