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  1. smokstore

    Ceramic Coils For Kanger Tanks

    hi,guys,today ge got the ceramic coils from coilart,the coilart CTOCC for kanger tanks, resistance is 0.5ohm,recommend work under 35watts, compatible with: kanger nebox kanger subvod kanger subtank kanger subtank plus kanger subtank mini kanger subtank nano longer lifespan than organic...
  2. CoilART vapor

    Giveaway ! Win CoilART Free ceramic coil -ends 4/19/2016

    About CoilART Coil Art is the Coil brand for Coil Tech, who manufacture and produce over 50 kinds of coils for the vaping industry. Mainly focused on R&D, full a range of vaping coil including CTBVC, CTOCC, CTCL, CTTF, Ceramic Coil, SIM coil, etc.( To enter this giveaway ...
  3. J

    New Vaper. Question Cleaning Tank, Atomizer base, and Drip tip.

    I was just wondering if my method for cleaning my tank was safe I have seen other threads about the topic but there didn't seem to be any consensus. I basically take my Nautilus tank completely apart and soak it for 10 minutes in 70% isopropyl alcohol. I then rinse each individual part with...
  4. DisasterousDan

    New to vaping and think this could help other newbies like me.

    Hi everyone I have only been using a box mod for a couple of months and wasn't sure how to go about things. This is a link to my video on my first box mod and what I thought of it. Please don't feel obliged to watch it. I just feel that seeing how a fellow newbie feels about box mods and...
  5. submerger

    One of my uwell tanks is in two, and cant repair

    After a drop, the two sections seen in the photos split apart. As there are no threads to help hold, I tried to clamp them to see if would hold. Sadly, it does not, and the tank leaked all over the table and carpet last night. Anyone have this issue, and a fix for it?
  6. SteelCity14

    Uwell Rafale $17.58

    Hey everyone. Just wanted to share a great deal from a US vendor on the New Rafale tank from Uwell. Over at it's priced $18.50 but if you use coupon code "SteelCity14" the price drops to $17.58. If you already used a 5% coupon code, then this...
  7. dubcvapor

    ★★★★★ In Stock ★★★★★ 25mm VCMT in Black and 30mm VCMT in Stainless by Vaperz Cloud
  8. dubcvapor

    ***In Stock*** CCI Black Centurion RDA | Triforce Stainless/Black | X1 RDA & X1 Mod by Vaperz Cloud
  9. Paratech

    Lack of good seach engine or web site data base

    It'd be awesome if those who managed websites did it the way I used to. Or at least put forth an effort to care. It really doesn't take that much more work to update and manage a database. I'm referring to searching for new hardware. If you were in the mood to look for a new mod, you could use...
  10. A

    Need some advice to buy a new small, TC compatible Mod

    Hi everyone, I recently created my account on VU, and I'm looking for some help and recomendations to get a new small mod. Until recently, i have never tried TC, but when a friend of mine showed me his new mod and the tc mode, i felt in love with it, the cool vapor, for me at least, is such a...
  11. M

    Aspire Cleito Problems! Need Advice!

    I've been researching lately on which sub ohm tank to buy for my Kangertech KBOX 70 watt, and after all the research and reading, I decided to go with the aspire cleito. However, when I filled it with juice (running the .4 ohm coils at around 55 watts), It immediately started spitting juice. I...
  12. L

    Recommendations? maybe?

    last christmas i finally got my Future father in-law or my girlfriends old man a new mod he was running a tesla that looks like its back from 2010. I got him a tc 50w cloupor mini plus now that his birthday is around the corner i want to upgrade his tank because I know that he will never get...
  13. tr1age

    The Uwell Rafale VS the Uwell Crown! The Ultimate Showdown!

    This is the Ultimate Showdown between the new tank by Uwell "The Rafale" vs its predecessor the Uwell Crown! Who will win? Will there be a winner? Or are they in leagues of their own!? Watch to find out! Update: The tip on this thing(since it is attached to the main heating element) gets super...
  14. W


  15. dbm777

    SOLD please close

    Hello all, The tanks will be cleaned and sterilized before being sent out. I'm looking to trade these for other RTAs or tanks. I'm interested in a Wotofo Stentorian Steam Engine specifically. Really only looking for black tanks or RTAs. I am not looking for a TFV4 or Cleito as far as tanks go...
  16. S

    Need help choosing a sub ohm tank!

    I recently posted A thread asking people for there opinions on tanks. I did research based on what people said and need help deciding on the four tanks in the poll (Uwell crown, Herakles plus, mutank, vcmt). Right now I'm currently using a doge v2 RDA at .17 ohms I usually run it 80-95.5 w. I'm...
  17. bigrobbie

    Only recently swiched from VV batteries to mods and sub tanks

    I'm just saying this because I feel so strongly about it...Man I think Aspire's Cleito even with its somewhat small volume capacity is the greatest! Sorry to chime in as a newbie, but I had to express my exuberance for this badass little tank! thanks
  18. shatish86

    Beautiful RBA section on the IJOY Reaper Plus

    Fellow vape mates, Check out the RBA section on the IJOY Reaper Plus. Velocity style deck with dual coil build can be done. What do you guys think of this? You can check out their page as well. Facebook :
  19. S

    What sub ohm tank is for me?

    Right now I have a cuboid 200 w box mod, with a Doge v2 RDA (.17 ohms) I usually run it at 80-95 watts and get amazing vapor production and flavor. I recently brought the cubis tank and was very disappointed in it. I'm looking for a tank because at work I can't constantly drip all the time and...
  20. Jonny.87

    any new mods to reccommend?

    Hi, I had set my eyes on the new Joytech Cuboid but after reading tons of reviews I've heard such awful things and other good things about the device. This has now led me to be uneven about my next mod purchase. Can anyone recommend a decent mod that is decent on battery life, good amount of...
  21. tr1age

    Review of the Uwell Crown Sub-Ohm Tank in Rose Gold

    Here is a rundown of the Uwell Crown Sub-Ohm Tank in Rose Gold Thank you to for the mod! This is my go to Tank for flavor and vape now! Take a look why. ------------------ About us: Avid vapers back in 2009, watching the industry grow and evolve, while trying to bring the best...
  22. shatish86

    (Closed) IJOY Reaper Plus Giveaway by IJOY (15 tanks) - Feb 15th

    Hey peeps, Good Day. Yet another giveaway by IJOY at their official Facebook page. Giveaway link : 15 Reaper Plus tanks to be won. Try it out now. Cheers..!!!
  23. tr1age

    Review of Herakles Plus by Sense

    Here is a rundown of the Herakles Plus Tank by SENSE. Thank you to for the mod! This is my workhorse Tank at the moment. Take a look why! ------------------ About us: This is the beginning of bringing you on the journey of Vaping again for 2016. You can follow all videos and...
  24. KeelieKimber

    Best tank for Tesla box mod?

    I have a Tesla Invader 2 and I love it! I have been using a Kanger subtank (also love it) but lately my coils are not lasting very long(I vape ALOT). Many times when I put new batteries in I can't take a full hit. Any suggestions on a different tank that might not have that issue? I do not...
  25. Sweg Bucket

    Coil Replacement help

    I recently got into vaping and my friend bought me a battery and a tank. But when I received the tank the coil wasn't working properly (Problem with cotton) so now I'm stuck looking for a new coil. He bought me another coil but it didn't fit so I'm worried about buying a new one.
  26. K

    suggestions for a tank

    i have always used RDA's in the past. i would like to try a tank but i basically have no knowledge about tanks. i have a sigelei 150w box mod. i would appreciate any suggestions for good tanks i could try, along with any tips/ heads ups/anything you guys think would be good for me to know as i...
  27. V

    New Store (Sky Vapor)

    So we just opened up a vape shop in Nashville, TN located at 5207 Nolensville Pike Suite C Nashville, TN 37211 and online at Anyways I was posting to hear some feed back from fellow avid vapeheads about how Sky Vapor can continue making the experience better. I know part of the...
  28. jasondberman

    Best Sub-Ohm Tank for SS coils?

    I'm pretty new to the vape scene but I've done a bit of research. I'm wanting a sub-ohm tank because they seem to burn the lowest amount of oil and pull a lot of vapor if you have it at the correct settings. I'm also wanting to make 316 stainless steel coils with organic japanese cotton. Now...
  29. gracechen

    iJOY Asolo 200W, A mod taste control all wires includes kanthal/stainless steel

    Nothing is impossible~ This mod TC control with any kind of wire ! but it is not temp control, it is taste control. it is a mod able to protect all wires from dry hit. Also it can monitor juice level and will flash a reminder to refill juice. it won't burn any coil, it won't change the...
  30. Angel Cigs


    IPV D3 full kit(ipv d3 mod + IPV tank) with 15ML Uncle Junk's Eliquid, you can choose flavor and nicotine options. Combo Link
  31. Angel Cigs

    Geekvape 521 tab, Avocado RTA, Griffin RTA, New Arrival

    Detail: Detail: Detail...
  32. xDoug9ie

    What Tanks fit What?

    So, I'm relatively new to vaping. Started from pens, and recently got my first Clearomizer. I know this may sound like a stupid question, but I've never seen the answer to it anywhere. I see people and shops just selling tanks and stuff, and how do you know if a certain tank would fit yours...
  33. Jeremy Bon

    Ready to get a smok TFV4...

    Are you guys carrying a smok tfv4? The tank seems pretty good and ready to get one...just need more information and some real comments. thanks!
  34. mercy

    Need help choosing a mini-box mod and tank.

    I've been researching my next set up for weeks. My brain hurts :confused: and I'm hoping someone can shove me in the right direction. Currently, I SubOhm .5 on a Sieglei 100W+ with a Maganus tank. I rarely push it past 40 W, and I love the airflow on the tank. I'm looking for a mini box...
  35. mountainmanvape

    Vaping Alaska w/Innokin GLADIUS Atomizer

    As usual, let me start off saying this item was sent to me to review for you. I will always give my honest opinion of the product, good or bad….so let’s go! When it comes to clearomizers, they are much the same. You have a restricted airflow for that mouth to lung hit. So saying that, this...
  36. mountainmanvape

    Vaping Alaska w/Innokin Isub G Sib Ohm Tank w/.5 Coils

    Innokin ISub G Tank: As usual, let me start off by saying that this item was sent to me to review for you. As always, I will give you my honest opinion about this product, good or bad… let’s go! This tank didn’t look like much when I pulled it out. It was very clean, and came with an...
  37. mountainmanvape

    Bargain Vaping Alaska!! Project Sub Ohm-SAUCECODE Tank

    Project Sub-Ohm Saucecode Tank With the Saucecode Tank’s bottom crossed dual coil design, Availability to use several other coils, a spill-proof top-fill system, and adjustable quad-airflow, this Project Sub-Ohm tank is an interesting tank indeed, but definitely has some issues. Vapordna has...
  38. mountainmanvape

    Bargain Vaping Alaska!! UWELL Crown tank

    Crown Sub tank by Uwell This is a great tank for any vaper! Constructed of stainless steel for a durable structure and utilizing quartz glass for its tank, the Crown Sub tank by Uwell is the one of the better sub-ohm tanks to hit the vaping market. It features a top and bottom filling design...
  39. supermarket

    Hello! I'm a flavor chaser, and I need YOUR input!

    Basically, I'm a flavor chaser, and I am in looking to buy a few new vape toys. I currently vape exclusively on two sub-ohm tanks....the Aspire Atlantis, and the Horizon Arctic. While I do enjoy both tanks fairly well, I crave more flavor. Since vaping to me is both a hobby and a pleasure, I...
  40. T

    100ML of juice 10 bucks

    The Broke Smoker has a deal going on to try their top 10 flavors in 10ml bottles got 10 bucks! The 10-10-10 deal is going on now till 10/15. Also please check out or other deals on Smok TFV4 for $36.99, Smok TF-T3 Coils are only 19.99 per 5 pack...
  41. X

    Who vapes a mech and tank? Need some recommendations/help.

    I'm just trying to get an opinion on people's experiences with a mech mod and a tank. You see a lot more people using regulated devices with tanks and I wanted to know how much of a difference it is. What are you could built at when using a mech? I want to get an abaddon and the subtank mini. If...
  42. Cloud

    The Aspire Odyssey Kit

    Give me the pros and cons homies. It's for a friend. Includes: Aspire Pegasus Box Mod 70W Triton tank
  43. carley816

    How to quiet down my tank?

    So I recently got an iSub G, and holy snap, crackle, pop batman. It's to the point that it will bother my non-vaper boyfriend in the other room even with the TV on. Anyone else have this problem? Any simple ways to quiet it down a bit? Thanks!
  44. K

    ijust 2 gurgling

    I've replaced my coil in my ijust 2 and when i vape it gurgles and i get some juice in my mouth too. somehow the juice get in the center of the tank. I've switched back to my old coils and everything is fine. Can i get some help please?
  45. cwanner73

    Whats the best sub-ohm tank currently available?

    Qualifications: Must be able to handle a minimum of 50 watts, must have massive airflow, must be able to chuck clouds, and must produce great flavor. Cheap coils would be a plus.
  46. GuacTac9

    Help building mods

    so i am new to vaping & would apreaciate any help... i currently have an IPV mini2 with a Horizon tech Artic tank. i enjoy the cloud production but i want a tank with more flavor. The Artic tank seems to produce little to no flavor. any suggestions? The juice i use is from velvet cloud 6 mgs.....

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