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build help

  1. D

    Is this build Safe???

    Hi Guys, just a small safety check-up, I plan on running this build at 80w (max 85w) in my Regulated dual 18650 Tesla WYE 200w (Samsung 25r 3.7 2500mah) would the calculation for the regulated current draw 80w/7.4v =10.82A(per battery) be correct? see attached pic for the coil
  2. Wb80

    Clapton Builds

    I want to try building claptons. What kind of swivels are being used opposite the drill to spin the wire?
  3. B

    Builing my own RDA

    so im new to this "vape world", i work as a mechanical engineer in the Airsoft industries, I have at my work some CNC and Lathe and i want to start making RDA for squonk first and then RTA's. Right now im working my own design but i have a few concerns that i hope you guys might help with 1...
  4. D

    Help with juice running down the side of rda deck between wall and post deck?

    See image for illustration. What I'm talking about is the juice that's literally ALL OVER the wall of the post deck, even with a firm and snug fitting cap/wall/whatever you call in being in place. I never overfill it, or drip it onto the walls on accident, but every few hours or so a day sure...
  5. M

    Flavourcountry Fused Clapton coils

    Sup guys, so i have some (twisted?) fused clapton coils 28/32ga from Rofvape that i wanna but to good use flavour-wise in my peerless rda, with my Smok Alien Mod. So im wondering what would be the perfect wrap-count/diameter for a really flavourfull vape, preferably not very warm, single or...
  6. R

    Help - Building A Flavorful Mod?

    I desperately need help. I want to build the perfect mod that brings out the fullest of flavor. I'm working with a budget of no more than $200. Could someone recommend me a full build? Including a box, the RDA/tank/etc, wire, and any other recommendations. Extra points if you add "why" you...
  7. KingofTroi

    Looking for the ultimate flavor build...first post!

    I've been vaping for years but just recently got into rebuildables and holy crap the flavor is noticeably better out of my new VandyVape Perseus and Serpent RDTA's but i feel like it could be much better for longer. i buy pre made Clapton coils...idk the size but they are basic lol. Got Alien...
  8. M

    New builder, poor results with a couple tanks

    I have a serpent RDTA and Ijoy exo RTA. Both are giving me nothing but issues, and after countless hours troubleshooting and fixing problem after problem, I am not able to enjoy either still. Ive had no luck with the RTA, theres a threaded screw stuck in the single coil deck, the velocity deck...

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