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cloud chasers corner

  1. V


    im just looking to get some input. I want to purchase a unregulated box mod , any recommendations ? I have a wismec rx 200 on a smok tsv4 and a temple 30mm. I've built coils around .1-.5 . Also I have a rig v2 mod with a mini Buddha rda running stainless . I would consider my self a cloud chaser...
  2. S

    Get your FREE Sample!! Help Support Brand New Vape Company

    This is a brand new brand with some awesome flavors that have been in development for over a year now. We have a few flavors that we are finally starting to release to sell to the public. We currently only have local sales and are now really trying to focus on reaching out to new customers...
  3. RagerVapor

    Cloud9 Vapor chain PA/ Cloned E Liquid Management

    Hey guys I am extremely excited to be a part of this forum. My family started a vape shop last February in PA called Cloud 9 Vapors. Now we have an E-Liquid company CV9 E-Liquids which we have released one line so far called Cloned E-Liquids. We have another line we are very excited to...
  4. S

    Regulated vs unregulated.

    Alright so I've bbeen en vaping for a little over a year had a pen for a while n finally moved up to a box mod had the evic vt 60w ran it at 60 all the time with a skyborg rda .15-.20 builds all the time loved the cloud and flavor. But today my evic just kinda stopped working. Seriously in the...
  5. Chopsticks

    Cthulhu RTA V2

    Dear fellow audience, I am ecstatic to talk about this newly released Cthulhu V2 RTA. I have had mine for a month and a few weeks and if i could say it has been such a fun tank! To not be able to put it down because of the endless possibilities of builds. Recently have been toying around...

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