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  1. M

    I am so lost!

    Hello, I am trying really hard to find the best vape and e-liquid for me. I am mostly concerned about safety & health since I am trying to do this to quit smoking cigarettes. I don't want to do just a different bad thing. I read some articles like this one . It seems like it is important what...
  2. r055co

    Tobacco Use for over 12,000 years

    Slow at work today so been wasting time on YouTube, stumbled across this. They dug up a pre-historic site of over 12,000 years that shows tobacco has been cultivated and used. And still no case of "Popcorn Lung" in all this time ;)
  3. OmVape

    Om Vapors Weekend Sale!!! Use "OMWEEKEND70" for 70% off all e-liquids

    Come shop at to save 70% sitewide with coupon code "OmWeekend08". If have any issues, questions or concerns please contact us at [email protected] Thanks for your business! Free shipping for orders over $50 domestically, $100 internationally! "Breathe, Easy"
  4. ej.exe

    Wow! Skewed research on vaping's health effects!

    My mind is blown!
  5. C4Laboratories

    C4 Laboratories - Diketone Analysis Services

    Hello Vaping Underground! We are C4 Laboratories, a laboratory analysis facility offering Diketone testing for e liquids and flavorings. We strongly believe in the importance of vapers being informed on the presence of these harmful compounds in their products. Our analytical chemists have over...

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