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dual coil

  1. cloumix

    [New Released] Smok Novo X Pod Kit 800mAh

    Brand: Smoktech Product Name: Smok Novo X Pod Kit Type: Pod Kit Introduction Smok Novo X Pod Kit is a stylish and ergonomic pod system powered by an 800mAh battery. It has an adjustable power range of 1-25 watts, and uses two 2ml pods: a dual-coil 0.8ohm pod and a single-mesh 0.8ohm pod...
  2. 3Avape Official

    Geek Vape Tengu RDA (w/ BF Pin & Honeycomb Air Slots)

    Product introduction The Geekvape Tengu RDA, with 24mm diameter and 6mm deep juice well, features easy top filling system and honeycomb side airflow slots for smooth and even controllable airflow. Included in is also the gold plated bottom feeder pin, which enables the Tengu RDA to be compatible...
  3. 3Avape Official

    Steam Crave Glaz RTA V2 31mm (7.0ml/10ml, Post-less Deck)

    Product introduction The Steam Crave Glaz RTA V2, with 31mm diameter and 7.0ml large juice capacity. is a cool and fashionable rebuild-able tank atomizer. With a bubble glass tube, the juice capacity can be expanded to 10ml. The Glaz RTA V2 feature the innovative post-less deck and sliding top...
  4. 3Avape Official

    Smoant Battlestar Squonker RDA (Dual Coil, 810 Drip Tip)

    Product introduction The Smoant Battlestar Squonker RDA, with 24mm diameter and deep juice well, is a powerful dual coil RDA that constructed from durable SS304 and brass. The Battlestar RDA looks very exquisite. Plus the adjustable side airflow and Squonker pin, the Battlestar RDA is definitely...
  5. 3Avape Official

    KAEES Solomon V3 RTA (3.5ml/5.5ml, Single/Dual Coils)

    Product introduction The KAEES Solomon V3 RTA, utilizing the special post-less build deck and two interchangeable internal airflow caps (one for single coil building and the other dual coils building), is an outstanding cloud chasing tank with a variety of airflow options. Moreover, the unique...
  6. 3Avape Official

    OBS Cheetah III RDA (304SS, Bottom Feed, Dual Coil)

    Product introduction OBS Cheetah III RDA, with 25mm diameter, constructed of 304 stainless steel, is a rebuild-able drip atomizer that features deep juice well, direct to coil dripping and super big deck for dual coils building. The top fill design allows you to either directly drip into the...
  7. 3Avape Official

    Advken Manta RTA Resin Version (Dual Coil, Flavor Chasing)

    Product introduction The Advken Manta RTA Resin Version is here to attract you at first sight. With 4.5ml juice capacity and 24mm diameter, the Manta RTA is flavor-chasing with resin tube and drip tip. It also features the tri-hole bottom airflow system and top filling design for an optimal...
  8. Vapor Canon

    WOOD edition of a sub ohm tank?

    Hi vape fam. Saw this pic the other day on Instagram. I got to say this tank looks so unique rather than those resin/Stainless steel tanks out there, since it is made from Real wood (as said by the original post). :cloud::cloud: It's a tank using Dual/triple mesh coil wicked with some fresh...
  9. E

    Dual coil MTL?

    I'm currently one month smoke-free and I'm enjoying my Berserker RDA and Kayfun Prime, but I'm wondering if having two coils in a small MTL-chamber would produce more flavor and throat hit? Is there a 18-22mm MTL rebuildable out there that's ment for a dual coil? Or something with a deck that...
  10. 3Avape Official

    Wotofo Faris BF RDTA $24.35

    Product introduction Wotofo Faris RDTA, with 24mm diameter, designed by Wotofo and vape reviewer Vape GeekQ8, is a 2-in-1 tank that can be used as both an RDA and an RDTA. Constructed from stainless steel and pyrex, the Faris RDTA has post-less build deck that supports both single and dual coil...
  11. CapVanillaCustard

    Cthulhumod Zathog review: A 30mm RDA that's somehow better with round wire than claptons!

    Cthulhumod Zathog RDA Review Hey everyone! I'm a little late with this one. I've had this for about two months now. I've put several different kinds of builds on it and I'm honestly a little perplexed by the results. More on that below. If you aren't aware, it's a 29.5mm, dual coil, BF...
  12. 3Avape Official

    EUGENE Growl RTA 3.5ml $54.5

    Product introduction Eugene Growl RTA, Designed by AFK Studio, with 24mm diameter, adopts the high-quality Damascus steel construction. The handmade wrinkle pattern on the outer shell makes this RTA very unique. The Growl RTA is interchangeable between single coil and dual coil deck, meeting...
  13. CapVanillaCustard

    CoilART Mage RTA V2 review

    CoilART Mage RTA V2 Review Hi everyone! I was sent the Mage RTA V2 and Mage Subtank by Coilart to review. My reviews usually run long and a lot of you prefer shorter ones, so I'll try to keep this one brief. The RTA It's a dual coil, post-less, bottom honeycomb airflow RTA. It's 24mm in...
  14. CapVanillaCustard

    Ehpro Panther RDA Review

    Ehpro Panther RDA Review - Photo Album with more photos Hi everyone! I've been sent this RDA to review by Heaven Gifts. I've been using it for about two weeks. It's a dual coil, two post, bottom airflow RDA. It's a pretty barebones RDA, comes in simple packaging with the bare minimum spares...
  15. CapVanillaCustard

    OBS Crius RDA review

    OBS Crius RDA Review - Photo Album with more photos The OBS Crius is a pretty standard looking 24mm RDA. I received the black one that has a sand blasted matte finish a lot like the full black Dead Rabbit. Liquid smudges on it doesn't look as bad as the Dead Rabbit but they still stand out...
  16. NineNine

    What coils do you use while vaping, dual or single?

    I am not sure how to choose the colis/atomizers for the machine as below which was sent by a friend as a gift, with a size of 24mm diameter, 3000mAh and 80W.
  17. cloudvape

    AMMIT Dual Coil RTA by Geekvape

    Hi everyone! I'm unboxing the AMMIT Dual Coil RTA by Geekvape. Watch me do a build on it and try it out. I will tell you what the pros and cons are and also tell you whether or not I would recommend it to people.
  18. Wellon

    Vape101: The Dual Coil Capability of Vape RDA

    What is Dual Coil of Vape RDA? If your RDA has dual coil capability, it does what it says on the tin, meaning it has the capability to run two coils at once. The Dual Coil Capability of Vape RDA Running two coils parallel to each other cuts the resistance in half, producing more vapour with...
  19. Twisted21Chaos

    Griffin 25 RTA on an RX200S

    I went and bought the Wismec Reuleaux RX200S with the Griffin 25 RTA tank. I built dual coils with 26 ga SS 316L using my fancy new coil master, .40 ohms. I'm still not 100% sure how my watts and voltage should be set.
  20. Synphul

    RDA choices, opinions?

    I've been considering a couple of rda's but a bit exhausted from several reviews and trying to research them. Both ends of the spectrum, regular use single/dual coil and something smaller single coil to use as a tester for juice flavors. On the smaller end of the scale I've seen a lot of love...
  21. MSalmanKhan

    Need help, new coil, battery safety information needed

    Hello, I have a 3 battery regulated mod (Smok Koopor Primus 300W) with TFV8 RBA section. I'm going to use 2 coils in the RBA. The resistance of one coil is 0.23 ohms so two coils will give 0.11 ohms. I'll be using 3 Samsung 25INR 20a batteries with this build. Battery specs are...
  22. V

    Dual parallel coil help

    So..Im new to rebuilding and I was looking to make a parallel coil (Dual) and was wondering if it would split the resistance? twice since there is twice as much wire than a normal Dual coil build with only a single strand of wire? Im building with 22ga wire
  23. V

    Dual parallel coil help

    So..Im new to rebuilding and I was looking to make a parallel coil (Dual) and was wondering if it would split the resistance? twice since there is twice as much wire than a normal Dual coil build with only a single strand of wire? Im building with 22ga wire
  24. Cpt.Black'Briefs

    SMOK Bec Pro 50w 26g & 32g wrapped coil dual RBA

    Working on my dual coil build using a 3 mm nail to jig. My Bec Pro reportedly supports Resistance ranges from .2-ohm to 9.9-ohms but my 6 wraps ohm at 5.5 or so and my Bec pro keeps saying power reduced and gets all the way down to 10w after I'd set it around 23-30w or so. I don't understand...
  25. Drace_Karaki

    Odd dual micro coil for the TFV4 TF-R1 RBA

    first off I'm new here, been vaping for only a few months, and I have a Tesla 100 TC and a used Troll V1 and TFV4 i got as a gift. been meaning to make a account here. though after conjuring up such a weird coil build for the single coil RBA deck on the TFV4 I just had to share. The goal was to...
  26. Ms. Trixy

    Scary How to Videos

    Okay. This isn't to scare anyone on "How To". So. I wanted to do a dual coil build on my new Tsunami. I finally broke out my new RX200 and the Tsumani because I wasn't getting enough nic out of my current rigs. Yeah, I could have changed the coil, yada, yada, but I haven't opened ANY of my...
  27. J


    Ive been through a few coils with a C3.. but im not getting full flavour? Sometimes i do sometimes I dont.. I use the dual coils.. i have the rebranded electrion mega from tottally wicked n use their coils. Recently it keeps flooding and producing not good flavours, and this is a new coil. I...
  28. smokstore

    TF-CLP2 Clapton Dul Coil Head $7.99/PC With Free Shipping

    TF-CLP2 clapton dual coil head $7.99/piece with free shipping TF-CLP2 is newest clapton dual coil head by smoktech, the new coil head can be used on smok tfv4 and tfv4 mini tanks. resistance is 0.35ohm(30w-90w),lower wattage and more vapor. now only $7.99 with free shipping on smokstore...

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