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  1. TINY!!!

    Super sour

    I’m thinking of experimenting with different acids and extracts to find a super sour enhancer... I know malic acid is used commonly so I based my reaserch on that nearly all the chemicals I want to use have a higher ph wich means they are less acidic the only exception I have found is vitamin c...
  2. Pjjellibean

    Mixing salt nic with freebase nic

    I am new here and new to vaping so please be patient with my lack of knowledge. I’m not getting quite enough throat hit from 35mg salt nic in my Nord Smok with the 1.4 coil. Can I add freebase nic to fix this problem or more salt nic? I just switched from the Juul which I was using 60 and 65mg...
  3. vapeccino

    Works for Heavy Smokers, Makes your Business More Efficient

    5000 cigarette Sticks sacrificed, but their sacrifice makes your business life more efficient. One smoker, a Korean business traveler, claimed, he flew around several countries for business while vaping heated tobacco in Japanese restaurant and bar, or at Korean street, but most of users he...
  4. vapeccino

    Smoke in Your Room and Get Caught by Your Girlfriend? My God!

    Covering up the smell of smoke can be difficult. It can’t be made even more difficult if you live with your girlfriend. My god, my girlfriend always notice something even though I smoke outsides. Because she hates me to smoke and blames that I don’t care about myself, but you know, for most of...
  5. Digs

    Mix eJuice | e-Liquid Calculator (

    Hi! I'd like to invite everyone to visit Mix eJuice | E-Liquid Calculator, a new e-Liquid calculator I made. Features: Free! Automatically corrects most mix problems Fluid, responsive layout Save/share mixes with links Mix eJuice lets you mix up a recipe in a very short time by providing...
  6. S

    Liquido - Mix and Manage your Liquids Free [Beta]

    Liquido will manage all your Bases, Flavors, and Recipes for Free. - Liquido will calculate all ingredients of your new Liquid you want to mix. In drops, ml and grams. With or without nicotine. - The price of every ingredients is calculated. Know every time how much you spend on Liquid. -...

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