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Works for Heavy Smokers, Makes your Business More Efficient


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5000 cigarette Sticks sacrificed, but their sacrifice makes your business life more efficient.


One smoker, a Korean business traveler, claimed, he flew around several countries for business while vaping heated tobacco in Japanese restaurant and bar, or at Korean street, but most of users he had seen are youngsters who mostly are from middle and upper class.


A man smokes using an Iqos device at a restaurant in Tokyo , From Reuters

Heated-not-burned (Heated tobacco device has worked for heavy smokers to help quit smoking for 30 years. Until now, more than 4 million smokers succeeded to quit smoking and converted into relatively health tobacco after international most popular device was launched in 2014. Have you noticed its existence?

Heated tobacco is a new-born technology, so it is more popular for some users with curiosity delightful to accept fresh stuff. Vaping heated tobacco, stand for more distinguished and fashionable. Some conservative smokers scare to choose it as alternative cessation due to its potent risks which was claimed by some organizations but without any smoking-gun yet.

Tested by British Study, The Committee on Toxicity, they announced in public that heating new tobacco is available to decrease 50-90 percent harmful chemicals than normal cigarette. And heated tobacco device had helped 5 million smokers to quit conventional cigarette.

Actually, the persistent cough and mucus that you would find after use MIX(Heated Tobacco Device ) , and I didn’t miss the taste of cigarette when holding it, one 10-year Smoker claimed to VAPECCINO.

MIX works for heavy smokers, but do you know why the heated tobacco is so popular at middle and upper class? 5 evidences are listed as follows.


5.Business-style Looking

Uni-body portable device abides by minimalist design, leave nature 91° curved edges with natural curve of palm. Finished by UV to create touch-friendly sense, like touching the glass screen of iPhone, glossy, smooth and scratch-resistance.

4.Every puff is old-fashion

Similar to cigarette, although heated tobacco will produce strong throat hit, perfumey flavor and vapor, it is a little expensive but with high price-performance ratio because of its innovative technology. On the one hand, heating a HeatStick from bottom to top which simulates the theory of burning a cigarette. One the other hand, MIX still produces bigger steam because it pairs with disposable cartridge capable of working together with Marlboro HeatStick, which vaporizes bigger than normal cigarette and IQOS. How much vapor it is, every puff is old-fashion like sucking a cigarette.


3.Every puff is programmed

MIX is powered by electricity to heat Marlboro HeatSticks, different from igniting cigarettes. Additionally, Chipset is embedded into MIX, famous for its smart temperature control and to program heating temp below 300℃, which releases the true taste of tobacco and reduce less harmful chemicals, such as tar.

2.Every puff is generated by ceramics cup.

Marlboro stick is charred at a ceramics cup, creating vertical 3D conduction it. The extract of tobacco plug and flavorings would be released totally without metallic taste. Businessmen are fastidious enough for taste even though the vapor touches their taste buds. And it supports all new tobacco in the market.

1.2500mAh for 20 sticks, make your business more efficient

MIX contains 2500mAh super battery to support 20 sticks. Don’t need to waste some time to charge it frequently. International heated-not-burned device need to be charged every 4 mins. Businessmen are busy enough for their jobs. Save more time to work and relax. Nothing should be cared when vaping MIX.

All in all, heated tobacco(No fire, no ash and less odor) is filled with of high-quality business style, make your life more efficient, so it attract more heavy smokers from middle and upper class.

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