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  1. 1

    Review of puffbar p8000 by youtuber Moontelll

    In the video, the host Arina presents puffbar p8000 to the audience. She starts by showcasing the product's packaging and specifications, introducing the flavor as grape ice. She then elaborates on the product's features, including nicotine content, charging method, and more. Arina also...
  2. vaibhavdhami

    Which company make Puff flow, Puff glow, Ezzy super and Hype max

    Hi I have discussion with a vape owner. He confused me about the disposable vapes. I know all others are upgraded version of Puff Bar. But he says the all products are from puff bar company and some customers called them puff bar. But why someone call Ezzy super bar.
  3. vaibhavdhami

    How to buy Puff bars original which site is authentic

    Hi, I am searching for Puff bar online but, I got a serious issue of pricing every website has different pricing for same variants. Some are selling for 5$ and some websites charging 8$. What not to do in this case which one is authentic 8$ or 5$ website .
  4. vaibhavdhami

    Are puff bar going to be banned

    Hi, Everyone I recently read a new on FDA website to remove online stores for selling puff bar. Are puff bar going to ban in USA ??
  5. JustMeAloha

    Please Help Re: Puffbarsalt and ejuice overstock

    Please Help! First of all, I hope I am posting in the correct place. If not, I humbly apologize. I have put in orders for these 2 vendors totalling about $250 almost a month ago and have not heard back from either despite numerous attempts to contact them. Does anyone know if they have shut...

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