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Which company make Puff flow, Puff glow, Ezzy super and Hype max

I have discussion with a vape owner. He confused me about the disposable vapes. I know all others are upgraded version of Puff Bar. But he says the all products are from puff bar company and some customers called them puff bar. But why someone call Ezzy super bar.
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Not sure about puff bar related stuff. Disposable vaping devices seem a bit wasteful to me. Considering the average price for one unit runs $10.50 and an average puff (whatever kind of measure that is) is about 1400, it's untenable.

I might have paid roughly $35 for a kit and spend about this every 6 months to year for consumables. I can keep a kit for five years or longer. The worst is the lithium batteries needing recycled properly. The metal out of the kits can go out as scrap and get recycled easily. But then, yes I have a few plastic kits. I know plastics can recycle, know too most isn't.

I use roughly 4 ml of of ejuice daily, which isn't a great deal considering I know some that use five times as much. Seriously doubt .5 to 1.5 ml of ejuice could suffice anyone who vapes copiously. And then you throw away excess plastic, some kind of lithium battery. No, not really my choice that.

Here let me display basic quick math.

To use Puff bar or disposable type of vapes I figured using one unit a day as that's likely all one unit would last for myself. Here's the annual cost: $3,832.50. That's $2,000 more a year than I paid for cigarettes. Compare that to roughly a conservative $85 a year using a kit like I use.

Then consider I run a kit for 5 years, that means about $7 a year for the kit. It also makes my consumables cost less than $80 a year. Think I see clearly my soap on a rope, thanks.

I'm aware a lot of various tactics are used to market goods for sale. I understand people enjoy convenience. To me disposable vapes are more waste at the cost of being convenient. That to me makes them nonsensical, as in having no sense.

That aside all these devices and the rabble foisted here by you does seem to be marketing, and I suppose what is now called "influencing". I don't much care for that either. If by use I like a product, I gladly share I like it. Beyond that I'm not into promotion of products. I'm not paid to "push" anything, nor would I choose to be.

"Use things/ideas, love people and never confuse the two."

Apologies if I'm misreading your intentions, or the "message". It's 2020 they inject nanobots into soldiers and can program minds by television (which the C.I.A has been doing since the mid 1940s). And yes, I know the same "programming" goes on over the Inter Webs. So, hard to tell too much anymore. Also apologies if this seems to read as an older man preaching to a younger man. That wasn't my intentions exactly, either.
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Which kit and ejuice you are using

I have eight kits which get rotated.

One kit at present is a Coppervape mod. I have got a Core styled RDA on it currently.

I also have a brass Coppervape, it having a Wasp Nano RDA.

A good friend sent me a Wismec Mosfet Luvotic kit in the black honeycomb style. I put a Wasp Nano RDA on the mod Paid the Tohbino RDA forward.

Sometimes a person gets gear they may not feel they can or will use, no point letting it set wastefully.

I have a Geekvape Athena kit, sent to me. again PIF-ed the RDA and put a Wasp Nano on it.

I have a Vapresso kit similar to this though it's a squonker. Currently I'm using a styled RDA on it, forgive me at the moment not recalling the exact name of the RDA. Didn't pay over $12 for it.

Got a Topside Lite with an authentic Advken Gorge RDA.

I also have a an Eleaf Pico Squeeze which often sees itself fit with a Wasp Nano. All the Wasp Nanos are authentic.

Have a Vindicator & Kennedy kit I use at times. The one I chose is the brass toned one. Having once served as a sailor brass just has an appeal.

As for Juice? I use a good bit of DIY, various flavors. I get an unflavored "base" juice that is the pg/vg mix, or all vg with the nicotine strength mixed. That comes from Heartland Vapes at roughly $40 a liter. I've spent probably around $40 in flavorings so far over the last year or two of doing up DIY juice.

I'm hedging a bit on going back to using simply unflavored juice. I do like some flavor but all in I'm vaping to get the nicotine. Yes, I replaced smoking with vaping. I know some of these kits cost more than the $35 average I railed over. That's the point though, it's an average and until costs are settled out that's where I come to, $35 for a kit on average.

And again, I'm not saying anyone else needs to follow my example. No, not by any means. Do what suits yourself. I don't see wasting money and resources though for doing the same thing with gear less costly. That's an opinion, fwiw.

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News on Puff bars.


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