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  1. JuiceChris

    The Top 5 E-Juice Reviews for 2019 - Is your fav listed?

    With another year comes another round of e-juice reviews. New lines of e-juices are being released that are pushing the line of flavor, potency, and cost. Fortunately, they are not as wild as some of the recent Oreo flavors, which really push the limits. As you know, vaping has always been a...

    Vape Blog | SMOK Mico Pod Kit VS Smoking Vapor Mi-Pod

    A pod vape is the smallest vaping device available currently. Their ultra portability and cute designs make them incredibly popular among users. This article is all about comparing two of the most popular pod systems out there and concluding which one is the best. Smok Mico Kit The Smok Mico...
  3. KingPin!

    Smoant Battlestar Squonker Review by KingPin!

    Hi Folks, Back in July 2017 Smoant ran a competition to design a mod on multiple sites (including Vaping Underground). The winning entry was from FreakeSport on Reddit, who put forward an idea for a dual battery Squonker with a gargantuan bottle inside it. I have to say the...
  4. KingPin!

    Psyclone Mods: Hadaly Vs. Entheon Vs. Citadel Triple RDA Review by KingPin!

    Hi Folks, I’ve been excited about being able to do this review for a long time, well I say a long time; I’m talking about my personal vaping adventure beginning properly in 2016, and being introduced to the world of squonking. As it happens this is the same year that would coincide with the...
  5. Goobervapes

    Uncle Junks Jon Wayne Juice Review

    Jon Wayne by Uncle Junks is a good blend of tobacco, caramel, honey and cream perfect for a beginner vaper. 70/30 pg/vg blend comes in 0mg , 3mg , 6mg , 12mg 30ml. 60ml, 100ml size bottles
  6. KingPin!

    Wotofo Warrior RDA Review by KingPin!

    Hi Folks, JMT Elite are a group of coil builders located on Instagram, well not physically, rather the digital alternative name form (I believe the team includes “johhny_dripps”, “builder.gaurd” and “the fishman13”)...I don’t have to foggiest how that site works everyone seems to talk emoji and...
  7. Grand Rapids E-Liquid

    Reviews for our juice "Stove Pipe" Lol

    Reviews for our "Stove Pipe" Vape Juice at GR E-Liquid and
  8. pizzadave80

    Pizza Dave Reviews - Top40 E liquids

    Hello everyone and welcome to Pizza Dave’s Vape Reviews! Today I will be reviewing some of the juice lines by Top 40 E-liquid. This sample pack was sent to be by Top40 for review. INTRODUCTION How often have you purchased an e-liquid based on a flavor profile they describe, only to find...
  9. pizzadave80

    Pizza Dave Reviews - The Solo Flat by Vaptio

    Hello everyone and welcome to Pizza Dave’s vape reviews. Today I will be covering a starter pod system, the Solo Flat by Vaptio. This device was sent to me by Vaptio for review. _____________________________________________________________________________________ INTRODUCTION The Solo...
  10. Lady Sarah

    Query regarding eleaf Istick 100W

    My husband recently bought an eleaf I stick 100W. He insists I get one as well. Being sort of a shrewd buyer, I wish to hear from anyone that has used one, as per the pros and cons of that device. He paid far too much, at a vape store. I can get one much cheaper online. I am wary, as I keep...
  11. Bill


    TATTOO VAPE MAX FLAVOR FULL LINE REVIEW 2018 Coupon Code: vaporviews 20% off at Instagram: @Tattoo_vape Facebook: Twitter: @tattoovape LinkedIn:
  12. R

    New member here looking to hear insight on Carolina Xtract vs xtreme nicotine

    I’m totally green to the diy section so you know. I bought a diy kit from a reputable vendor to start with. The nic ended up being bad tasted peppery as well as like I licked an ashtray and very bad throat hit. Needless to say I learned a few valuable lessons on that venture. I’m looking for...
  13. digibomb

    The Big Vapers blog is back up and running!

    Back in the day I ran a blog and YouTube channel called Big Vapers. At one point I was one of the biggest vape bloggers in Canada … ancient history now. Anyways, some of you may know my story ... you can read more here if you're interested. You can check the blog out here, there's tons of out...
  14. SMOKIE

    Best Cheapest eJuice you can buy Reviews, Fruity Cereal?

  15. ZanModZ


  16. TheVapingRoundTable

    Hexohm V3 by Craving Vapor

    Let us know if this review is helpful to anybody. Check us out on YouTube.
  17. GhostVape22

    Looking for juices to review!

    Started a review blog on Instagram a while back and in order to grow I need more juices to review! If you know of vendors/juices that would help me out please post below! Also check me out @GhostVape22
  18. lordmage

    GeekVape Griffin 25 Plus @GEEKVAPE Thank you for selecting me for the Review. I will enjoy using it for quite some time.
  19. lordmage

    Pax Juul

    the second in the series of Cigalike's Reviews
  20. lordmage

    My von Earl

    Ok all i decided to try out some of the newer cig-alikes here is my first in the series not my best but certainly not my worst either
  21. ZanModZ


    Very quick look at one of the vape cases from Diamond mist
  22. R

    Vaping reviews Subscirbers likes comments all appreciated new videos every week
  23. RavnDrop

    Vape Wild Stardust Written Review
  24. lordmage

    ModFather Inc RTA

    i was requested by a friend to start doing reviews of items i owned . so i started with one of my newer items. Video is not the best but here it is.
  25. Ms. Trixy

    MAY SPECIAL at - 100ml for $11. Are YOU shopping???

    I'm at after seeing the ad posted on Joe's Blog page. Phil Busardo's review and another review was all thumbs up. Great sounding juice. 100ml for $11 each! Limited selection in the Deal section but I carted 4 that I like plus boosted a few and a few $3 samples. 100% VG/nic...
  26. Phatz

    Sicboy part 2

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