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  1. M

    Reuleaux rx2/3 check battery problem

    So my friend gave me his reuleaux rx2/3. I almost have 0 knowledge about vapes other then how to hit it and charge it (lol). Recently its not been turning on. When I plug it into the USB charger, it comes on as normal but when I press the power button I get a "check battery" error. I know there...
  2. Everzon

    Sales Today Only $12.49 Aspire Triton mini Tank Gold

    Aspire Triton mini Tank With Top Filling System Click to order Aspire Triton Mini is the third iteration of the Triton with more compact size.It is equipped with Aspire’s latest airflow control valve that will allow user to really dial in on their desired airflow setting. The mod...
  3. B

    Wismec RX2/3 and button top HG2

    I would like to buy an RX2/3, and I'm looking for batteries for it. I found the site, and they have Samsung 25rs, but it's cheaper with button top. Would they fit in the RX2/3 or I need to spend extra money for the flat top? (the button tops are genuine, but with a button top...
  4. B

    When should I change batteries

    Hi there I just want to ask a question about my mod and when to change out bats. I've got an RX2/3 and I usually change batteries out when the screen reads 30% but I want to know if I can actually go to 0%. I don't have a meter to check if the batteries drop too low so I want to know how low the...
  5. VaporSean


    Be warned, Wismec has very poor manufacturing processes and very poor customer service. I have bought 4 RX2/3's and 2 RX200's. Out of the 6 mods, 5 have broke within a month due to poor manufacturing processes. All of the solder points are very poor and need a manufacturing process review to...
  6. T

    Trying to fit in on a forum, this may be the place

    My name is Brandon Teschner and ive been vaping for 2 years now. I smoked analogs from 13-17, vaping helped me kick the habit early. I currently run an rx 2/3 with the phenotype-L, 22 gauge wire wrapped around a 3mm post,my go to build, ohms out around .23. i love sub ohm vaping, less for...

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