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safe setup?

  1. V

    Resistance reading wrong, more power outputting.

    Hi, I just changed my coil and the resistance is reading 0.184, the coil is actually 0.15. My last coil was reading 0.15 perfectly but since changing to a new one the resistance has increased. With the increase I can also feel more power from it, 30w with this new coil feels more like what 40w...
  2. D

    Is this build Safe???

    Hi Guys, just a small safety check-up, I plan on running this build at 80w (max 85w) in my Regulated dual 18650 Tesla WYE 200w (Samsung 25r 3.7 2500mah) would the calculation for the regulated current draw 80w/7.4v =10.82A(per battery) be correct? see attached pic for the coil
  3. D

    Mech Safety and Sleeping

    Hi all, part time lurker on the forum. Basically making the post so I can gather my thoughts and see if I can strike a convo this early in the morning (early for where I am at least) and to have a story about why no matter how comfy you are with mechs, you should still practice Safety. Didn’t...
  4. St3zzY

    Would this be safe with a mech mod?

    okay so i have a Av Able copper mech mod with a HOHM life 18650 battery and i was woundering if it would be safe to run a pair of 3 core 4 wrapped 3mm 26-36g n80 alien coils at around 0.08 ohms? and the RDA im using is just the RDA that comes with the Av Able mech mod. on the HOHM Life Wrap...
  5. T

    Voltage draw help!

    Hi guys, First post. I got a Kangertech subox mini, just fixed up my RBA with these specs: 0.3ohm using 26ga Nichrome, 7 coils 22W (i feel is the optimal taste for my juice) 2.5V discharge (as seen on the OLED display) Please correct me if wrong-> I suppose Amphere drawn is about 8A (V/R)...
  6. A


    i just bought a tugboat box mod to start off vaping. Is a 5 wrap coil with 28 ga wire good? I don't have an ohms reader
  7. Cloud

    This setup and build is it safe?

    I recently bought the set up from beyond vape which is: Black Beacon Mod Mako RDA AW IMR 18650 I was just wondering if it would be safe enough to do a 0.1 ohm build on it, I have had experience in building in a 0.1 ohm range but I was just wondering would it be safe for this mod and rda. I'm...

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