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salt nicotine


    Is salt nicotine stronger than regular nicotine?

    Nicotine salts are have more nicotine in them, allowing them more closely compare to a cigarette. Because MTL devices have a less intense hit, these higher concentrated e juices are perfect and won't be too harsh.
  2. F

    Help calculating pg/vg with salt nicotine

    I am trying to make a 50% salt nicotine ejuice however I am running into a problem with the calculations. If I use a calculator and input 50% nicotine, it still makes me do a mix of 100% combined between the pg & vg. It doesn't matter what I try I always end up with a negative number for the...
  3. G

    Need MTL Box / salt help.

    I'm trying to buy an Xmas present for the wife who wants to quit smoking. I've done a lot of reading to get myself educated and STILL have questions..!! But can narrow this down to these - can I use the Geekvape Aegis Mini as an MTL using salt based e-liquids? I'm hoping there's a high...
  4. autopartsteve

    ISOQ Charger& FQOS heat stick welcome partner &distributor

    This is Steven zheng from Forgusen Technology in Shenzhen,China. Our company is the original factory of FQOS Heat stick unit, a kind of electronic products. FQOS is another patent design of Heatstick in our factory. FQOS Only competitor in the global market is IQOS,developped by Philip Morris...
  5. Breazy_Com

    Baton Vapor Unleashes The Baton Refillable Pod Mod V2

    Baton Vapor Unleashes The Baton Refillable Pod Mod V2 Anytime a sequel is announced there is a level of skepticism regarding its quality and how it carries over the attributes you loved of the original. Yet once in a while, the sequel completely outshines the original and rewrites the...
  6. Tristan_Vapes

    Curious about salt nicotine?

    Nicotine salts occur naturally in tobacco. Nicotine salts are dissolved into a base of Vegetable Glycerin and Propylene Glycol, just like freebase nicotine. Nicotine salts absorb into your blood stream much more faster than freebase nicotine, but less efficient. To achieve the same level of...

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