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Baton Vapor Unleashes The Baton Refillable Pod Mod V2

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Baton Vapor Unleashes The Baton Refillable Pod Mod V2

Anytime a sequel is announced there is a level of skepticism regarding its quality and how it carries over the attributes you loved of the original. Yet once in a while, the sequel completely outshines the original and rewrites the rules. Such is the case with Baton Vapor who released its signature product Baton Vapor Refillable Pod Mod Starter Kit to the surprise of many but like true vapers realized they weren't done perfecting their product and took to the drawing board to bring you a device by vapers and for vapers.

We plan to deliver a full review of this product in the near future, for the now we want to share some images of the device as well as the specifications just to whet your appetite for this product I have no issues calling one of the best pod mods we have ever tried. Refilling the pods with Nic Salt E Liquid is a breeze as well.


  • 350mah internal battery
  • Side Slotted Airflow
  • Visible Pod Fill View
  • Micro USB Charging Port
  • Resistance: 1.6ohm

  • Pod size: 1ml

  • Coil material: Kanthal

  • Cotton material : Japanese organic cotton

  • Dimensions:4.4" (Length) x 0.67" (Width) x 0.35" (Height)
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