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  1. iMaverick

    Manta RTA

    Hi I am looking for MANTA RTA replacement O-Rings. Can anyone help me please, need to purchase online and shipped to me. Or at least provide me the specs (size and material) of the O-Rings. Thank you and much appreciated
  2. Mikhail Naumov

    What atomizer size do you prefer?

    In tradition of my recent poll making, here's another one. I typically use 28.5mm-41mm devices and nothing smaller, the rare times I do it's 24mm-27mm. The FEW 18-23mm devices I own basically collect dust. My favorite shit is by far my 35mm-41mm shit though. My rotation: 41mm Voltrove RTA 40mm...
  3. ShowerHead

    Mods For 30mm+ Tanks

    As there are a number of 30mm (and larger) tanks on the market, what mods can accommodate them without overhang?

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