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smok alien 220w

  1. R

    Battery compartment shrunk/ new battery stuck in unit?

    Five months ago, I got a Smok Alien 220W and a pair of LG 18650s. I had no issues with inserting/removing the batteries and closing the cover. This week, I dropped one of the batteries and the wrapper ripped, prompting me to go out and purchase a replacement set. The shop only carried Mxjo's and...
  2. S

    Batteries for the SMOK alien 220W mod with SMOK TFV12 tank

    I'm going to buy the SMOK alien 220w mod with the TFV12 tank but I'm not sure which batteries to get for it. I'm new to vaping and I'm looking for thick clouds. Any other tips and tricks are welcome.
  3. J

    Cloud Beast tank not working on Alien 220w

    Reading a thread here, I saw members saying that they had cloud beast tanks working on Smok Alien 220w. So I decided to buy one and upgrade. Once I actually screwed the tank onto the mod, it never asked "new coil?" Or even recognized that a tank was connected. The ohms read 0.000 and I can't...
  4. D

    TFV8 Cloud Beast on Alien 220w Mod???

    Hello everyone, this is my first post in this forum. I had a question about a possible tank switch on the Smok Alien 220w mod and if it would work, haven't seen many posts about this topic which is why I'm asking. The TFV8 Baby Beast is a 22mm tank and the width of the Smok Alien is 30mm across...
  5. thehonestohm

    Smok Alien Kit 220w Review

  6. Everzon

    Smok Alien 220W Starter Kit

    Smok Alien 220W Starter Kit The Smok Alien Kit includes the Alien Box Mod and the TFV8 Baby Tank. Equipped with a large OLED display on the front face, the screen menu on the mod is surprisingly easy to read. The design and button placement allow for an ergonomic feeling better than ever...

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