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  1. CloudKings

    CloudKings™ Vape Shop | Discount for VU Members! | Great Prices | Fast Shipping Use code: #bestforumVU for 10% off your entire order! What is CloudKings™? CloudKings™ is a Midwest-based online vape shop dedicated to making vaping more affordable without sacrificing product quality. We pride ourselves on the excellent shopping experience we offer...
  2. S

    Smoke Its Yakima

    We are a head shop based here in Yakima, Washington. We stock a large selection of scientific glass bubblers, water pipes, concentrate rigs, titanium nails, and more. Choose from a variety of glass hand pipes, grinders, vape pens, and many other accessories. We carry an assortment of American...
  3. shadovape

    when to discontinue an ejuice line ?

    Hi everybody I'm a little new to this forum site but love it so far and would like all of your help .I have been working at a vape shop for almost a year now and am helping the owner with the advanced vaping community as he dose not know much about building , drippers , wire etc. we have been...
  4. mygadget - Newest Vape Devices and Deals

    Good day! Mygadget.US is Excellent Online Vape Store for your needs! You will find New and Old Vape Devices, Authentic and High-Quality clones. Delivery Worldwide. Fast Shipping by DHL 3-5 Days or Airmail 15-30 Days. 24h Online Support. Sincerely Yours Valery Kovalenko
  5. twistedcoils

    Custom and specialty coils , new shopify store

    ive been on eBay for a log time selling and I recently got my shopify store up and running for real this time lol , it's at Http:// prices are very affordable for a good amount of coils, check it out , every set of coils is buy two get one free, I'm also still on eBay...
  6. thecowboysheart

    What would you want to see in a Vape Store?

    Me and a friend of mine are getting ready to open a vape store In Missouri. I am new to Vaping but have many years in retail and business, he has been vaping for about 3 years and know quite a bit about the industry. My question to all of you is! What kind of equipment would you want to see in a...
  7. V

    New Online Vape Store

    Hello all I am a new business. Just launched a new website. Please go and show your support. Thanks.
  8. BreeZyCloudZ

    Does store bought juice need steeping?

    I know when you order online, most juices need to steep, but what about store bought? I mean it has been sitting for awhile, does that affect it? Will it hurt it? Some juices just dont taste as good as they did other times. How will i know?

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