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  1. I

    Important Study on Effects of Vaping

    Hi! As part of a study taking place at Manchester Metropolitan University, we are conducting an online survey to collect data on the effects of vaping on muscle function and lung function. Coronavirus has meant that this study can't take place at the uni anymore so being part of this study by...

    Vaping Research Survey Participants for Non-Profit

    Hey, everyone! We are a non-profit research firm ( focusing on smoking cessation and addiction research. If anyone would like to participate in our study it would be awesome! 18 years or older-- legal US resident and if you qualify for a survey the pay is pretty good...
  3. O

    4min research survey! Will post results after!

    Hi wonderful people of r/JUUL. I’m conducting a graduate research project to better understand the vaping community and and would love to get your input. This survey should take no more than 4 minutes and includes a few fun exercises to make the experience more enjoyable. We’ll post findings...
  4. D

    Short Survey on Vaping

    Hey Friends, I am a fellow vaper studying at university hoping to conduct some research. pls help me out by filling out this survey!
  5. HealthCabin

    Complete Avidartisan Survey to Win Daedalus Pro

    Dear Customer, Avidartisan is a rising brand that strive for offering you better vape products and service. Thanks for your long term support and to let you know more about Avidartisan, we would like invite you to complete our survey. We will randomly pick 4 winners on Dec 8 (-0600GMT) and...

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