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  1. J

    Help with ohms and what this can handle so i dont explode!!!

    Okay so I just ordered the brand new smok gx350 and ive never had that much wattage before that shits insane regardless I need to know what sub ohm tank to pick up until the TFV12 is released that can handle the wattage. Also if I were to run an RBA how does that even work I can build them and...
  2. Matty102

    Temp Control

    I hope this goes here. Has everyone had heat problems with Temp control mods? Mine works, but my tank gets so hot!! I have tried many mods and tanks all do the same. Just curious.
  3. gracechen

    iJOY Asolo 200W, A mod taste control all wires includes kanthal/stainless steel

    Nothing is impossible~ This mod TC control with any kind of wire ! but it is not temp control, it is taste control. it is a mod able to protect all wires from dry hit. Also it can monitor juice level and will flash a reminder to refill juice. it won't burn any coil, it won't change the...

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