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  1. JDevil

    Help with my TC mod

    I am new to vaping only a few months in and both myself the Joyetech Evic VT full kit from a local dealer here in South Africa. The thing worked fine for the first few months now it just stopped working. The screen comes on, it's fully charged coil and atty is on but it does not vape at all...
  2. gracechen

    iJOY Asolo 200W, A mod taste control all wires includes kanthal/stainless steel

    Nothing is impossible~ This mod TC control with any kind of wire ! but it is not temp control, it is taste control. it is a mod able to protect all wires from dry hit. Also it can monitor juice level and will flash a reminder to refill juice. it won't burn any coil, it won't change the...

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