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  1. 3Avape Official

    Review:$86.27 YiHi SXmini X Class Box Mod 200W Advanced Touchscreen Auto-Squonker

    Product introduction YiHi SXmini X Class 200W Box Mod is a dual high-amp battery vaping system, incorporating a myriad of output variations, exquisite visual detailing, and features the advanced YiHi SXmini X Class Reservoir with innovative ESS Technology. An advanced Yihi SX650J chipset...
  2. 3Avape Official

    In Stock YiHi SXmini T Class 200W TC Box MOD

    Product introduction As YiHi's newest flagship device, the YiHi SXmini T Class Mod is powered by the latest SX680J processor chipset. The output range of 5-200w drives the T Class to be a heavy hitter in the dual 18650 markets. At the front of the T Class is a full IPS TFT HD color screen...
  3. cloumix

    [New Released] YiHi SX Nano Kit with MTL ADA Atomizer

    Brand: YiHi Product Name: YiHi SX Nano Kit Type: Kit Introduction YiHi SX Nano Kit is the latest auto-feeding squonk kit in the marketplace that features automated temperature control from a mouth-to-lung ADA atomizer. It equipped with a YiHi SX681J chipset with an ESS driver. delivering a...
  4. fidola13

    WTB Yihi SL Class

    Looking to add another SL to my collection. Preferably in Mixed colors but will consider all in Like New Condition in original packaging. Payment made via PayPal in US only. Ready to purchase anytime. thanks
  5. Jane_Qiu

    $16.9 Authentic Rofvape 150W TC Box Mod/Vandy Vape Mesh V2

    Crazy Sales for 150W Temperature Control Box Mod $16.9 Authentic Rofvape A Box 150W TC VW APV Box Mod Features Variable wattage: 7-150W Temperature control: 200'F-600'F / 95'C-315'C Output Mode: VT-Ni/VT-Ti/VT-SS/VW Mode Built-in 2 pieces of 2500mAh batteries Resistance Range: 0.1-3ohm Maximum...
  6. Jane_Qiu

    Vsticking VIY 12W Pod Kit(Yihi Chip)/ Yachtvape Meshlock RDA

    Authentic Vsticking VIY 12W 750mAh VW Pod System Starter Kit Features Powered by Yihi SX270 Chipset Temperature control with completed anti-dry burn technology 2 power modes: 9W (low wattage), 9-12W (high wattage) Output voltage: 3.0-3.5V Adjustable airflow Cartridge: 1.8ml Resistance: 0.1ohm...
  7. Everzon

    The Best RDAs for YiHi SXmini X Class 200W Mod

    Hello folks, YiHi SXmini X Class Squonk Mod is the best advanced Auto-Squonk Box Mod for the vape lovers. Let us see more details. YiHi SXmini X Class Squonk Mod YiHi SXmini X Class Mod is the latest squonk box mod by Yihi. SXmini X Class Mod is a high-performance 200W device designed with...
  8. Everzon

    YiHi SXmini X Class 200W Mod - Yihi SX650J Chipset and Auto Squonker

    Hello folks, Everzon brings you an advanced squonk mod. Let us find more details. YiHi SXmini X Class Squonk Mod YiHi SXmini X Class 200W Mod is built with the latest Yihi SX650J Chipset and offers a built-in ESS (Electronic Spray Squonker) System that automatically squonks for compatible...
  9. B

    Selling Yihi sxmini g class

    Hello All, I am selling a brand new Yihi sxmini g class. I used it for one day and did not like the weight. Pictures show the mod I am actually selling. Looking to sell it for $180.00. I am selling the mod and nothing else. Will ship to US and accept Paypal. Thanks!
  10. 3Avape Official

    Pioneer4you IPV V-IT 200W Box Mod w/ YIHI SX540 Chip

    Product introduction Pioneer4you IPV V-IT Box Mod, equipped with the advanced Yihi SX540 chipset, powered by dual 18650 batteries with 200W max output, comes with instant ignition function and 1.3 inch TFT IPS HD screen that displays quality with better and truer colors. With slight inward...
  11. Whisky

    V-Sticking VK530 YiHi Mod. J-Graffiti Silver. Thread.

    Hi'ya vapers I want to find all who have the V-sticking VK530 Mod, and share settings and experiences here. I have just bought that mod and it would be interesting to know your settings and what you think about the mod. I think it's the best mod I have tested. So tell your stories about...
  12. sbankme

    SX Mini G Class Owners - Push Me Off The Diving Board

    HI, I'm ready to pull the trigger on a G Class, which will be a big investment for me and have a few questions to get me there: 1) Love the look of the Carbon Fiber/Gunmetal. DJLSB suggested getting one with stainless colored metal as he saw a bit of an issue with the gunmetal and black paint...
  13. 3Avape Official

    SXmini Mi Class Pod Kit 400mAh (Yihi Chipset & OLED Screen)

    Product introduction SXmini Mi Class Kit, with 400mAh built-in battery and 1.8ml cartridge capacity, is the first pod system device of SXmini, utilizing YiHi SX290 chipset to bring powerful performance for your vaping. Constructed of stainless steel, it features a photochemical etching amazing...
  14. Jane_Qiu

    $41.99 Authentic SXmini Mi Class 13W 400mAh YiHi SX290 Pod System

    $41.99 Authentic SXmini Mi Class 13W 400mAh YiHi SX290 Pod System Starter Kit 1.8ml/1ohm Features Powered by YiHi SX290 chipset Battery capacity: 400mAh Power range: 7~13W Cartridge capacity: 1.8 ml Resistance: 1.0 ohm Coil material: Ceramic Stainless steel construction Photochemical etching...
  15. Thebrain


    Anyone know the YIHI SX MINI MI pod mod kit release date is for the US? I seen overseas suppliers have some colors available but I would prefer that all the info be written in English not Chinese... Any US based vendors with any info on the ETA on when they will be available here domestically...
  16. Jane_Qiu

    [Video]Authentic VSTICKING VK530 200W Ready to Ship in 24 Hours

    Authentic VSTICKING VK530 200W powered by YIHI SX530 Chip, built with a watch-like TFT IPS HD screen Video for Details Ready to Ship in 24 Hours Vsticking VK530 200W...
  17. S

    Best new high end mod?

    Hey everyone, my SX Mini G Class bit the dust last week, and while it was a great mod, there were some glaring flaws (the battery door, the updates, the interface, the look) that have swayed me away from purchasing another at that price point. So, do any of you have experience with a...
  18. M

    FS - Beyond Vape Solara DNA 30, Hcigar vt133(sold), Yihi SX mini M class(sold)

    Hcigar vt133 - (SOLD) This mod has been plasti dipped. It is in perfect working order but the factor paint started rubbing off from use so plasti dipped everything. This mod was one of my most used and favorites. Because of that I managed to get a scuff on the plasti dip as well. It is on the...
  19. MAINL87

    WTT Orange Hexohm V3 Serial #103

    I have a barely used orange hexohm v3 that i'd like to trade for a sx mini G class or something along those lines. I can throw in some juice or clapton coils(all handmade by me) and/or a couple of other mods by Smok, Wismec, etc... I can even include some cash as long as I'm contacted around...
  20. vapingunboxed

    [GIVEAWAY] SXmini G Class

    Not sure if this is where I should post this, If not I'm sorry!
  21. vapingunboxed

    YiHi SXmini Q MINI

    Q mini video by Vaping Unboxed
  22. ReyesRec89

    Difference between chips?

    I have been vaping for a little more than a year and have been using a Rx200 with the joyetech chip. I'm curious to get opinions on the difference in the vaping experience in terms of better performance relative to ramp up time and cloud production. Concerning the joyetech, Yihi and DNA chips...
  23. skt239

    TC Pre-set Question

    Hello all, I had a question about TC settings that come pre-programmed on mods like the RX200, Evic, or any mod with a TC pre-set. Does the mod just use a TCR value in the setting or is it done some other way? I ask because on my RX and Evic the vape using the TCR setting for SS is very weak...
  24. skt239

    First Day With The IPV5

    Hello all, Today I received my IPV5 for e cigarette empire. So far I've been thoroughly impressed by it. Here's a quick run down... Pro's - So far battery life seems good. I got it rain around 12pm and have been steadily vaping between 70 to 85 watts in power mode and 65 watts at 520 degrees...
  25. Beeboqueef

    Boxer Mini 26650 75W SX350J V2

    SOLD I got this on a whim and it's just not my style. This was a kit and I installed a Varitube 510 over preference to the Fat Daddy. I have only put about a half a battery through this device. It is updated with the latest firmware from Ginger Vaper. I am including two Basen 4500 mah 26650's...

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