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A Spin Off of Keep a Word/Drop a Word and Music, Pics, and Whatnot


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I am doing great- just dropped my granddaughter off to her mom- I had her for 2 days and a overnite.
How are you doing Jimi? I hope you are feeling better!

That's great, gotta dearly enjoy that time ;)

I am doin about the same, just tryin to occupy my feeble mind so I don't think about things so much:(, thank you for asking my friend:hug::hug:


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:( My Voopoo just died on me this evening. Was working great, than all the sudden it didn't fire and the front /screen was really hot :eek:
Took batteries out, cleaned them, checked them over, nothing wrong with them. Cleaned everything on the mod, put tank on another mod, worked great, so it wasn't the coil. Put other batteries in it, and a different tank, fired up, than saw a Check Error... Not Check Atomizer Error. The screen was messing up, the light that goes around the front was on, I had it totally off. So, I guess it has something to do with electronics inside or the battery connections not working properly. Hopefully, I'll be able to get a replacement (not a Voopoo) , in a couple of weeks. I do have backups, but I don't want to use one, lol. But, might have to.
Think, I was going to PIF the Voopoo, so very glad I decided not to, I would've felt just awful with it going down like it did.
Than, I was going to mix up a new recipe tomorrow, but I forgot :facepalm: I didn't have a flavor. When I was putting flavors in the cart, the Sweet Raspberry was out of stock, I signed up (thank goodness) to get an email alert for when it was back in stock. Email came on the 14th, Dang it! Didn't see the email until late last night and didn't feel like looking at a bright screen, so waited to order today. At least, this order will be by USPS and not FedEx ! FedEx delivered my first order to the wrong address and I had to go on the hunt for it :mad: . Snap knows what I'm talking about.
Looking forward to doin' some mixing in a few days or Monday - Tuesday....Hopefully !

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