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Anyone ordered from Element Vape lately?


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I copied/pasted this from my thread about Direct Vapor... maybe just wait it out (even though this whole mess is total BS):
So (it's now Monday) I was out back doing the blower and my coils came (even though I requested a refund last Friday) My mother told the guy "I'll go get him"... he said "you can sign for it" (she is 82) I now have my coils but have to figure out how to deal with this. Refund has not gone through, I have no money in the bank (this could really mess up my account) so I am going to do nothing for now (let DV figure this out) I will still not order from them again. BTW, the package said the carrier was "Angel"??? It's not my style, but if DV doesn't figure this out, I may end up with free coils LOL (after the refund goes through, I will call them)"

Kyle M.

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Shortly after my last post EV directed me to file a claim with a company called "Route" apparently they offer a package protection service that cost me an extra 98 cents. I had a short email conversation with the Route representative, who asked if I'd prefer a replacement or a refund and I told them I'd like a replacement. They then asked which color mod I wanted and said it would be shipped out tomorrow and a new tracking number will be issued.

I just hope they don't ship it through the same shipping service again.

Kyle M.

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I received a new tracking number for a different shipping service today. It says “2 day shipping service” when tracked, we will see what happens.

Kyle M.

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Last Tuesday I received a new tracking number from a shipping service called "Deliverol-1." Its a strangely formatted Tracking # and the site looks downright fishy. According to the info they're showing it was to be shipped last Tuesday and delivered the same day? Yeah it shows 1/27/2022 as both pickup and delivery and says "2 day shipping service."

1. That's not 2 days!
2. Nothing goes from California to Ohio same day!
3. According to the Tracking # it's been a week and hasn't actually been shipped yet!

I'm really starting to doubt that Element Vape is a reputable company.

Kyle M.

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I’ve attempted to contact both Element and their shipping insurer Route one final time. I want my items either shipped through a reliable service or I want a refund.

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