Awesome Video for Vaping 101 for Beginners


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Thanks found someone streaming 1 on vaper. TV so I went and checked it out thought it was a great job this person did and really good info for newbies :)

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A pen is nice for occasions, but you want a variable wattage that can go at least 75 watts. It is called a single 1865 device 18650 is a device that holds a single 18650 battery as implied an 18650 is the (18 the centimeter or diameter and the 650 centimeters long the default right now and has been for awhile) battery and can be pretty cheap nowadays. I've got one from a shop for $15. The battery does not come with it but is easy to find. Different prices for different batteries, but if you buy from legit stores or websites are all safe as long as you use a reusable coil (the coil should tell you what you should run it at (what wattage) or most likely tank). Unless you build your coils which are cheaper (same with juice) wich I don't recommend until you understand what is safe (via the amp vs. ressistance). A variable wattage device will run everything literally until you get into more advanced stuff and most of them will protect you from almost anything (as long as your using reason).
Hi Guys, this is Dennis,

I have been a vaper for about 8 years already. I know a lot of you just started using e-cigarette. I know it’s so difficult to find a way on how to use properly, what needs to be done to maintain your unit and what do need to do as a beginner.

I’ve watched hundreds of tutorials online, but nothing beats this simple, clear-to-the-cut video here:

Click the link above, and you’ll land on an intermediate page, just click “I am not a robot” to continue, and you’ll land on the best YouTube video on beginners guide to vaping where it shows step-by-step on how to start vaping and helping you out to a better health

I hope that someone show me this when I first learning how to use my vape or take care of my unit . That could save me hours and hours of banging my head on the wall, trying different methods out and how to take care of my unit

Again, you can watch the tutorial here: REMOVED, AFFILIATE LINK

I’m most 100% sure this tutorial is going to blow your mind away.

I’m a long time user of vape products and I’m here to help you out. I want to make sure to spread what I have learned and share all the videos I can to make sure you can properly use and take care your unit.

Hope this helps :)

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Head spinner... it’s a lot of info! But great info. I’m looking to take my vaping up a notch... Ive started with the flint kit about 2 months ago... and use cigalikes when the kit is out of commission (waiting on coils atm).

I like the FK ok... but I don’t get the throat hits like I’d like. I’m more about the flavor now, but I don’t want to dismiss the appeal of the cloud either. I was hoping my next (RTA?) set up could be a combo of pre-fab coils with rebuildable coil option. This way it’s useable and has the safety features to rely on as I’m learning. I think (per the videos) the VapeShark qualifies for this... am I correct? Or would someone recommend a better choice?

Squonking reeeeally looks like my ideal, but I know I’d be in over my head right now with that. I’m excited for the gear developments in that area!!

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