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Best Flavor Chasing Coils?


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No, I agree with you there. Not that I find my flavor diluted, nor clouds lacking. I use max vg and only possibly add around 10% or less pg from flavorings. I do agree what's "right" for me isn't necessarily "right" for anyone else.

It's my hope I didn't read as saying "my way is best" or "vape my way only". That was not my intention, only expressing a different point of view to take, or leave, an opinion, same as others bandy about. *chuckles* Vaping is so subjective, I dislike any "holy wars" in our "community". I've always tried to prefix or use words that don't push my view on anyone else. If I fail to not read that way, I apologize sincerely.

I'm probably better gnawing on my foot. By the way, I think it's your intensity I enjoy. Do not ever change that core aspect of yourself, please?

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