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Galaxies mtl (mouth to lung) rta (rebuildable tank atomizer) review

galaxy.gif Diameter:22.2
Tank material:Stainless steel(food grade) and glass.
Drip tip material: Black drip tip - Polyoxymethylene a.k.a known as delrin one of the safest and durable materials used in food industry and orange or clear drip tip is made of acrylic glass.
Rebuildable coil type:Single coil
Standard Version: Capacity holds exactly 3 ml.
TPD version:Exactly 2 ml with the silicone part.
Color: Gold, Black and Stainless steel.

Diameter of Air hole of Gearwheel
-Ⅰ:0.8mm; Ⅱ: 1.4mm; Ⅲ: 1.2mm; Ⅳ: 1.6mm;
3.Diameter of Inner Cube
Cube with single hole:
-big hole: 2.6×1.2mm,
-small hole: 1.6mm;
Cube with 2 holes & 1 hole
-big hole: 1.3mm
-small hole: 1.1mm+1.1mm
-360 surround airflow delivery amazing flavor and I mean amazing flavor.

It comes with:
Bubble glass that holds up to exactly 5 ml of ejuice
Screw driver and allen key a.k.a (know as hex)
One extra drip tip excluding that in the atomizer.
Organic muji cotton.
Two nichrome 26ga coils with inner diameter of 2.5mm.
Extra black O-rings and gold plated brass allen and flathead screws.
One extra airflow cube with a 2 different airflow options.
Personal opinion:
Galaxies MTL RTA is one of the greatest tanks available in the market so far.It's very easy to build on have 2 independent airflow wheels that can customize all of the different MTL lovers needs and styles,throat hit is better than every MTL RTA that I ever encountered in my list of more than 40 different tanks so far the best flavor ever in MTL tank is from galaxies mtl rta high end ones fade in terms of throat hit and taste and I wonder why the heck I gave more than 1000$ for those that are very hyped by promoters and reviewers and give placebo effects of flavor because of words and overhyped reviews.So If you are new to vaping or advanced user of mtl tanks and really want a cigarette alike draw I can't really recommend you anything except this tank.

Stiff airflow wheels.
Whistling at the smallest airflow holes.
P.S.Greetings from Bulgaria.


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