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  1. blacknight07

    Monarchy J3Sv2 RTA DLC

    Authentic. The cosmetic is not very good, I showed the details in the pictures. like 7/10 There is one original and one clone extension kit. + gift driptip invoices available. paypal f/f including shipping **140**
  2. eSMOKA


  3. michaelvapors

    WTS: Hardware Stuffs #2

    GeekVape Ammit RTA SS 22mm no extra tank $15 GeekVape Ammit RTA Gold 24mm $20 Damn Vape Intense Mesh MTL RDA $12 Vulcan 22mm RDA $15 Tendou Nobunaga RDA (2-SS) (1-Black) $10 each (new) Tendou Shingen RDA (2-SS) (2-Black) $15 each (new) Aria Anarchist Phenotype-L RDA + Top Airflow Cap SS $30...
  4. michaelvapors

    WTS: Hardware Stuffs #1

    Footoon Hades V2 and Cerberus Atty $135 Ginger Vaper Classic Boxer BF Mech 2X700 $50 SOLD Cthulhu 520 Boro Mod Kit $35 SOLD Drip'n Vap DNV Venom-R RDA + RDTA Extension Cap $95 SOLD JoyeTech Cuboid 150 $25 SOLD Pioneer4you IPV D3S Kit $20 QP Designs 28mm Kong RDA Master Kit $65 SS...
  5. michaelvapors

    WTS: GeekVape Ammit 25 RTA

    Price: $15 New: Used: X OG: X Clone: Size: Batt: Materials/Color: Gold Type: Country: Asia Special Features: Serial number: N/A Xtras: Unless Noted: Items will come in original packaging with all of their accessories and paperwork. Items are used and in 8-9/10 condition. See photos as what you...
  6. IggyZ

    Best MESH RTA for flavor?

    Hey VU, What's your favorite Mesh RTA for flavor?Preferably a bigger capacity than 5ml, but in reality all I want to find is something that isn't sold out everywhere. There are NO Vapefly Siegfried available unless I buy the kit with the mod, and I really don't need another mech. Thave a...
  7. IggyZ

    What's your favorite RBA?

    Hey VU, What are you guys' favorite rebuildable atties, and why? I don't own any RDTA's yet, so I can't call a favorite there, but I can in the other categories. RDA: Psyclone Hadaly, hands down. Nothing else compares, IMO. This atty has the best taste of all the various atties I've tried...
  8. manuva

    BY-kA V.9 Clone. $30 shipped CONUS

    Excellent condition. Used once for testing. Hit me up if you have any questions or concerns
  9. D

    WTB RTA single coil deck

    Looking for QP Juggernaut MR, nitrous or another RTA that would be in that realm, I’m not trying to lowball if you have something of interest. Thank you for any help and please let me know what you have.
  10. CBF91

    Atomizers & aio bundle $110+shipping 4 everything, separate prices listed after itemupdated

    (2x mechlyfe ratel xs aios. 1 black carbon fiber 1 silver with black carbon fiber, have single and dual coil setups for both.)$60 (2x profile ps gold. No drip tips)$15 (Wotofo nudge rda silver.)$10...
  11. NemoBass

    Mods and Tanks Forsale

    Location:US-MO Item name: Doom RTA + 7 mesh coils and shoelace cotton Price: $25 shipped Condition:8/10 Used good shape Comments: Gunmetal Link to Photos: Item name: Jac Vapour Series-B DNA 75 mod ***SOLD*** Price: ***SOLD*** Condition: 9/10 Comments: Silver 25mm Item name: Evic Primo Mini...
  12. V

    Newly Launched: Vandy Vape Kylin V3 RTA 6ml

    Hello everyone, today I would like to introduce to you a brand new atomizer, vandy vape kylin v3 rta. This is a bubble container with a large capacity of 6ml. Overall, the capacity is quite considerable. Of course, if you want Replacing straight tube glass is also allowed, and the atomizer is...
  13. V

    New Atomizer: ThunderHead Creations Blaze Solo RTA

    ThunderHead Creations Blaze Solo RTA, is a top-performing rebuildable tank atomizer designed to deliver the ultimate vaping experience. This RTA is crafted from high-quality stainless steel, ensuring its durability and longevity. The blaze solo thunderhead creations rta boasts a 3.5ml vape...
  14. V

    Review: BP MODS Labs MTL RTA UK

    BP MODS Labs MTL RTA is a top-of-the-line vaping device designed to deliver a superior MTL (Mouth to Lung) vaping experience. With a 22mm diameter and 2.7 ml e-liquid capacity, this RTA is a perfect choice for vapers who are looking for a compact, yet powerful device. One of the key features...
  15. SessionDrummer

    Voltrove 25 v.3 RTA Reviewed by SessionDrummer

    If you've never heard of, or decided to purchase a Voltrove, you MIGHT want to read this review. This one is claimed to be a real flavor chucker, AND in either Single, or Dual coil mode, so we will just see about that. Hang on, buckle up, grab a drink, and enjoy the ride !!!!! **Specs:** *...
  16. V

    New Atomizer: Steam Crave Meson RTA

    Hello everyone, today s topic I want to discuss is the atomizer, steam crave meson rta, I think this brand of atomizer should be familiar to many people. The product I’m going to introduce to you today has a single-coil build platform and is available in a 25mm diameter. The deck provides you...
  17. V

    Newly Launched: Vandy Vape Requiem RTA

    Have you learned about vandy vape requiem rta? This is an atomizer that supports MTL, RDL and DL vaping. It brings you a large capacity of 4.5ml, and you can easily fill it with e-liquid by unscrewing the top cap. In order to meet the vaping demands of different users, this time it is also...
  18. V

    Newly Launched: Vandy Vape Bskr Elite Kit

    As a vape pen kit, Vandy Vape Bskr Elite features a compact and rigid design. The battery uses a single 18650 battery. The battery can be replaced at any time, which can also greatly extend the life of the product. With the type-c charger on the back of the unit, you can charge it quickly and...
  19. crazydmnd

    WTS - SvoёMesto Kayfun X - CLOSED

    Practically brand new with only a few tankfulls used, this newest KF is in like new condiftion, not a scratch. Selling only because I've got a new one as part of a trade. Svoemesto was my first love to collect, and still do. I like this one because it has slightly more airflow than the newer...
  20. NemoBass

    ***SOLD*** Lost Vape Grus & a couple RTA's

    Link to Photo: Take everything for $50 shipped Item name: Hellvape Vertex Price: $30 shipped for both Condition: 1-new unopened (SS) 1-used like new (Black/Gold) Location: US-MO Item name: Lost Vape (Quest) Grus Price: $30 shipped Condition: Like new used very little Item name: Vaporesso...
  21. crazydmnd

    WTS - SS Amber Mods Aviator - SOLD

    Amber Mods Aviator RTA # 205 SOLD RRP: $170 + shipping Asking $130 - 2 day insured priority shipping included in CONUS US-VA (9/10 - 2 tankfuls) SS 22mm Height: 30mm excl driptip Diameter 22mm Capacity 3.3 ml Side liquid fill Liquid flow control (on/off) Zero Blemishes Includes all air pins...
  22. crazydmnd

    WTS - Svoemesto Kayfun Lite [plus] 2021 DLC

    Svoemesto Kayfun Lite [plus] 2021 DLC Location: VA-US RRP: $130 Asking $65 SOLD! 9/10 no scratches, all original contents and packaging included CASHAPP PREFERRED - PP IS THE SPAWN OF SATAN If you must use PP, simply send to a trusty buddy with Cashapp to pass to me, see, so simple! All...
  23. V

    New Released: Hellvape Dead Rabbit M RTA

    Dead rabbit from hellvape has several models. In terms of appearance, the hellvape dead rabbit m rta is similar to the dead rabbit 3 rta, however, there are many small details that make the design different. Dead Rabbit M features a large 5ml capacity and the glass tube is transparent so you...
  24. V

    Preview: Thunderhead Creations Blaze RTA

    Those who have learned about Thunderhead Creations know that it has many recognizable tanks under its brand, and the return rate of these tanks is extremely high. And today is to introduce you to one of the best-selling tanks, thunderhead creations blaze rta uk. The Blaze RTA features a 2ml...
  25. V

    Best BP MODS Sure RTA 22mm In UK

    BP MODS Sure RTA may look like an ordinary tank to you, but it is often this unassuming device that is so striking. This rebuildable tank comes with a 22mm diameter and a 3.8ml original capacity as well as a reconfigurable 2.4ml short tank and a 6ml long tank, which is designed with the user in...
  26. V

    Buy Vandy Vape Berserker V3 MTL RTA £32.99

    From the appearance of Vandy Vape Berserker V3 MTL RTA, it is very luxurious and atmospheric. If you just look at the RTA from the outside you might not be able to tell much about it. But I must say that Berserker V3 MTL RTA is a great product both inside and out. Featuring a 24mm diameter...
  27. cloumix

    New Released! Oumier Wasp Nano RTA MAX, Single & Dual Coils Built

    Brand: Oumier Product Name: Oumier Wasp Nano RTA MAX Type: RTA Introduction Oumier Wasp Nano RTA MAX carries a 4ml e-liquid capacity and a bubble glass for 5ml capacity to give users more enjoyment, and the filling port is on the top of the tank that when run out of the liquid, just...
  28. Dovpo

    New Arrail-Bpmod Pioneer V1.5 RTA

    Pioneer V1.5 RTA Pioneer V1.5 RTA· Born out of Pioneer MTL RTA.· DL/RDL/MTL.· 22mm diameter.· Easy rebuilding.· 3.2ml capacity.· Slide-open top cap with locking system.· Removable evaporation space compressor.· Two different chimneys for flavor adjustment.· Tobacco Chimney - designed by...
  29. cloumix

    New Released! Vapefly Lindwurm RTA 5ml

    Brand: Vapefly Product Name: Vapefly Lindwurm RTA 5ml Type: Tank Introduction Vapefly Lindwurm RTA with 5ml big capacity was designed by German 103 & Vapefly, which embodies the spirit of striving for excellence. It is created a delicate pattern and a premium appearance by the shield...
  30. cloumix

    New Released! Vapefly Alberich MTL RTA with 6 airflow pins

    Brand: Vapefly Product Name: Vapefly Alberich MTL RTA Type: RTA Introduction VapeflyAlberich MTL RTA is a crafted work, which is specially designed for MTL Vapers. Featuring bottom airflow design, the airflow goes directly to the coil, Alberich can provide a smooth and silent vape...
  31. cloumix

    New Released! OXVA Arbiter 2 RTA, Coupon Code: OXAR2

    Brand: OXVA Product Name: OXVA Arbiter 2 RTA Type: RTA Introduction OXVA Arbiter 2 RTA is the improved mini version of OXVA Arbiter RTA. It becomes an outstanding RTA for its top-to-bottom fanned airflow, allowing air to flow through the glass several circles to make the resulting...
  32. cloumix

    New Released! OXVA Arbiter 2 RTA, Coupon Code: OXAR2

    Brand: OXVA Product Name: OXVA Arbiter 2 RTA Type: RTA Introduction OXVA Arbiter 2 RTA is the improved mini version of OXVA Arbiter RTA. It becomes an outstanding RTA for its top-to-bottom fanned airflow, allowing air to flow through the glass several circles to make the resulting...
  33. cloumix

    New Rleased! Vandyvape Berserker V3 MTL RTA

    Brand: Vandyvape Product Name: Vandyvape Berserker V3 MTL RTA Type: RTA Introduction Vandyvape Berserker V3 MTL RTA is a solid RTA, measuring 24mm in diameter. The B3 MTL RTA retains its signature single coil deck section and includes a standard glass for 2ml/6ml capacity. Following in...
  34. P

    New member, but long time vaper

    Hello, I am new to VU, but have been vaping more than ten years now. Vaping has come a long way in the past ten years!! When I started vaping I had to get all my hardware shipped from China. I have learned allot over the years, and in return, wasted allot of $$!! I would love to share my...
  35. cloumix

    New Released! Hellvape Fat Rabbit Solo RTA 4.5ml & 25mm Diameter

    Brand: Hellvape Product Name: Hellvape Fat Rabbit Solo RTA Type: RTA Introduction Hellvape Fat Rabbit Solo RTA starts with the idea of taking its original simplicity to a new level while boosting its performance enormously, much more than a compact single coil RTA. Fat Rabbit Solo RTA...
  36. Foggy Trails

    Veteran vaper, new to forum(s)

    Greetings and salutations all: Decided to come in from the dark:) Want to have some conversation / contact with other vapers. I live in Sonoma County, Calif. where social distancing, masks are a fashion and vapers are sub-human. Been vaping for about 8 yrs. but never joined a forum. Started...
  37. littlebrovapes


  38. cloumix

    [New Released] Vandyvape Kylin M PRO RTA 8ml

    Brand: Vandyvape Product Name: Vandyvape Kylin M PRO RTA Type: RTA Introduction Vandyvape Kylin M PRO RTA is a compact RTA while it holds startling 8ml e-liquid capacity that affords your passion for vaping and turns to be performed in the key time. Compared to Kylin M RTA, Kylin M PRO RTA is...
  39. cloumix

    [New Released] Exvape Expromizer V1.4 MTL RTA

    Brand: Exvape Product Name: Exvape Expromizer V1.4 MTL RTA Type: RTA Introduction Exvape Expromizer V1.4 MTL RTA is a fabulous regenerable tank constructed of stainless steel & PC with 23mm diameter and a classic design. It must be ideal for the Cheek Vape, a Limited Edition, equipped with many...
  40. F

    WTS: High end mechs and squonk collection

    Good day all, MSRP: 3400$+ Asking price: 2000$ OBO Link to pictures: Click here for pictures I have been out of the game for over a year and would love to see my collection(some high end, some low end) go to a good home. Please find the items below that would go with the collection. I have...
  41. X

    Help me find the right RTA MTL ready-made coil

    Hello experts, I would like to begin the RTA adventure and need your help with the right MTL coil. For years I have been using Innokin tanks with 1,2 - 1,6 ohm Zenith coils. What type of coil would you recommend? Brand/material/wire type. I will begin with low-cost Innokin Ares 2 or Wotofo...
  42. Efun.Top

    Yachtvape Eclipse RTA

    Yachtvape Eclipse RTA Sale Products
  43. cloumix

    [New Released] Yachtvape Pandora RTA

    Brand: Yachtvape Product Name: Yachtvape Pandora RTA Type: RTA Introduction Yachtvape Pandora RTA is firm RTA, made of SS304. Five types of rotatable internal inlets can directly change the airflow which blowing the coil, no need to change any parts, from Pure MTL to Lite DTL. The length and...
  44. cloumix

    [New Released] Steam Crave Mini Robot Combo

    Brand: Steam Crave Product Name: Steam Crave Mini Robot Combo Type: RTA Combo Introduction Steam Crave Mini Robot Combo is specialized portable device for MTL vapers. lt supports 3 output levels: 3.5V,3.8V, and 4.2V max power. As you see, the whole kit is made of full stainless steel, with CNC...
  45. cloumix

    [New Released] Hellvape Fat Rabbit RTA

    Brand: Hellvape Product Name: Hellvape Fat Rabbit RTA Type: RTA Introduction Hellvape Fat Rabbit RTA is a dual airflow system RTA that holds generous space to build coil and wick easily. The Dual Airflow System enables it to provide more desirable vaping effects and double honeycomb airflow...
  46. Efun.Top

    Hellvape Fat Rabbit RTA

    Hellvape Fat Rabbit RTA Sale Products
  47. cloumix

    New Arrival! Digiflavor Torch RTA 5.5ml

    Brand: Digiflavor Product Name: Digiflavor Torch RTA 5.5ml Type: RTA Introduction Digiflavor Torch RTA 5.5ml is a firm RTA made by food-grade SS. It holds 5.5ml super large e-liquid capacity, which saves you from the trouble of frequent infusion. It adopts top-to side airflow system with...
  48. jact25bd

    Vandy Vape Berserker MTL RTA - best rebuildable tank at Rossat Vape

    Vandy Vape Berserker MTL RTA is a rebuildable tank to be used with a custom-built coil. To get the best MTL vaping experience with your built coils, Berserker MTL RTA is sure to be the best choice. This unique Rebuildable Tank Atomizer comes with three different tubes to suit your need. If you...
  49. cloumix

    [New Released] Auguse Era Pro RTA with AFC Pin

    Brand: Auguse Product Name: Auguse Era Pro RTA Type: RTA Introduction Auguse Era Pro RTA, a single coil rebuildable tank vape atomizer with dual posts, comes with 22mm diameter and 4ml capacity with top filling design. Auguse Era Pro adopts bottom airflow and side airflow system, and side...
  50. Efun.Top

    Mohist Reload S RTA!

    Mohist Reload S RTA! new arrival Sale Products

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