G'Day from Down Under (Adelaide , Australia)

Howdy all
You all don't know how lucky you are..
South Australia has some of the harshest Vaping laws in the world.
We can't buy nicotine ejuice in store and all vape product are NOT on display. We can NOT buy online from Australian websites as its illegal to post Vaping products in country.
It's all about protecting there revenue rich cigs.As a pack of Cheapest 25 is. about $35 of witch $30 is Tax revenue.
I smoked roll your own at 50grams for $85 a week for 20 years
In December I imported Nicotine concentrate 100mg/ml from NZ ( a years worth for $50 )
Spent $150 on hardware and $50 on day juice needs that I added my nicotine too.
It's now Febuary and I won't have to spend more that a few dollars a month for wick and wire for the year.
That's 3 weeks of smokes money for a year..
I have not had a smoke since my first vape, I finally gave the unfinished pack to a friend last week as I'll never need them again.
The change is huge in lots of ways, best of all financial and health wise.
If you were unsure about changing to Vaping , Stop and change today, with good advice on products etc you will never look back..

Cheer to everyone, I look forward to chatting with some of you and hope to find Mech Mods and RTAs that I can buy and have shipped to Australia.
OGAMA is a Japanese demon frog that breaths rainbow clouds..

The Cromwell

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Welcome to VU and congratulations on switching to vaping.

Vaping is rapidly going downhill in the US and supposed to mostly end next may.


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Glad you joined and persisted despite govt. interference :wave:


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Welcome to the vu!!!


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Welcome to VU! :cheers:

I'm glad you persisted and were able to quit smoking!


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A belated Welcome

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