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  1. vladsau

    WTS - [Australia] Lots of hardware [H] - kits, RDA, RTA, aios [W] Paypal

    selling off the gear I no longer use . (mostly squonk nowadays) timestamp all pics prices all in AU$ . Shipping between $8 and $15 - regular post. Payment paypal. Location Melbourne Australia (well, Geelong) can combine shipping for multiple items. shipping Australia only. will upload...
  2. O

    G'Day from Down Under (Adelaide , Australia)

    Howdy all You all don't know how lucky you are.. South Australia has some of the harshest Vaping laws in the world. We can't buy nicotine ejuice in store and all vape product are NOT on display. We can NOT buy online from Australian websites as its illegal to post Vaping products in country...
  3. yanvapes


    Hello mates!!! I'm new here in the forum and would like to ask a couple of questions regarding 3fvape. I'm currently in Australia and planning to buy from 3fvape. I have some questions for people out here. 1. Are the prices in 3F vape in US dollars? If so how would be the conversion to AUD? 2...
  4. S

    Taking nicotine to Australia?

    Hi all, I'm visiting a friend in Oz soon (she vapes too). She's in Queensland where my understanding is you can vape with nicotine *if you have a doctors prescription for it* I'm just wondering if customs will give me any grief taking nicotine to her? It's so expensive there I'll pack some...
  5. 0

    Going to Australia, but concerned about its legality...

    I'm concerned about the legality of nicotine, but specifically vaping and bringing in my vape and such. I'm going to Australia from Jan 12 through Jan 26 this month and just now realized that there is a nicotine ban there. This is rather concerning for me considering my addiction level to the...
  6. vapealltime

    FireLuke Mesh Coils in Australia

    Advken Twirl RDA is a 24mm diameter RDA with a bottom feed pin. Constructed by high quality 304 Stainless Steel, it comes with black plated rebuild deck with a dual post that has more space to the built coil for vapors. With the inner chamber with slot design, it is easy for you to install...
  7. vapealltime

    What is in your E-Juice? The Vape Juice Ingredients

    Everyone of us has our own choice of E-Juice or Vape Juice but have you ever thought about what is in your vape juice? Well we are trying to figure out what is in these vape juices, so we have broken down all the vape juice ingredients and this article would present to you what E-Juices are made...
  8. E

    Can I vape plain VG and nicotine?

    Hey, new member here and new to vaping, ive been looking on websites a week now to start vaping as my friend bought me one and im all for something that will get me to quit smoking.. though I want to make it with the least ingredients as im not so keen on smoking art flavours and PG... will...
  9. Vapepro12

    Mod Kits

    What are best Mod kits available in Australia?
  10. Countrypami

    TMaxx's No Frills Mls is now available Down Under!!

    We're excited to announce that TMaxx's No Frills Mls is now available Down Under! You can now find us at The Regency Vapour Lounge Check them out online Web: Instagram: Facebook:
  11. DaisyVapez

    Daisy Chain Vapes - Review - Vapor Kings (8) Premium Juice's

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