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Help identify this clone clearomizer


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I don't have enough experience to know what tank this is supposed to be a clone of. It is a single topcoil with silica wick. The barrel is plastic.

In particular I am interested in what premade coils it would take. I have some wire and cotton on the way so I will try to rebuild when this coil dies, but I'd like to get some premades on the way while I learn.

[Edit: forgot to mention. Came with an eBay X6 starter kit. Was described as Protank II and Protank 3 in different parts of the auction. Appears to be a clone of neither as far as I can tell.]




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If its the same one (can't see pics) that used to come in those ebay kits, they take Kanger single coils.


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I don't think that is a Kanger coil... it looks more like a Vivi Nova... see links below....

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