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  1. F

    3FVAPE sells clone goon 25 mm in the name of authentic

    Hi Unfortunately I have to inform you about my bad experienc with 3FVAPE.. I've decided to buy authentic custome vape 528 goon 25 mm RDA from 3FVAPE and I bought 4 RDA from them...Beside of pigments and scratches I have realized that 3FVAPE sells clone or style goon 25 mm RDA in the name of...
  2. Efun.Top

    $18.99 SXK Reload S Style RDA 24mm Giveaway Join to win!

    SXK Reload S Style RDA 24mm Giveaway Worth $18.99 SXK Reload S Style RDA comes with 24mm diameter. It features quad terminal postless deck for building single and dual coil. With internal honeycomb airflow holes and dual adjustable top airflow control, Reload S Style RDA will give you a...
  3. Efun.Top

    $14.99 buy SXK Biochip BF RDA clone!

    SXK Biochip BF RDA clone $14.99 SXK Biochip BF RDA clone features adjustable side airflow, two post build deck for single coil and peek chamber to deliver a very smooth and flavorful vape experience for vapors. Specifications: Size: 22x 33mm Material:316SS & PEI Drip tip: 510 drip tip Airflow...
  4. 88ArDeN88

    Glas Basix - Cinnamon Sugar Cookie **CLONE**

    Hey guys. Here is a quick clone for you guys. This is spot on the original. I have vaped them both side by side and there is 0 difference. I have been trying for a little while to get this and went out on Friday and bought the real thing because I was tired of not getting it just right. I...
  5. 88ArDeN88

    Dat Sugar Cookie Dough

    I am still trying to clone this. If anyone has had this juice and has any tips let me know. I can taste some black cherry in there for sure. Definitely plenty of super sweet. I think there is some CAP sugar cookie in there too, maybe a little biscuit. I am having trouble though. Cloning...
  6. Soulnchain

    Beard vape THE ONE clone

    Hey guys, I fell in love with this juice but living in Italy it is impossible for me to get, so i decided to give it a shot... any feedback would be greatly appreciated!! So far it steeped 3 days and, to me, it feels spot on...
  7. SpectoVia

    Calling all Mod Scholars.....

    I purchased an EHPRO MOD 101 from FT. It arrived DOA. blah, blah, blah yadda, yadda, yadda Just got a replacement. Check before and after photos Do you think the new one might be a clone? Or did EHPro just do a radical presentation box redesign? Maybe different packaging for different regional...
  8. devonlethbridge

    Where to buy a brass Roundhouse V1 or V2 Mech mod clone?

    Where can I buy a Kennedy Roundhouse V1 or V2 mech mod clone? I need a brass one. Thanks
  9. Train

    a DOZEN rda's, mostly squonkified

    I am continuously buying new bottom-feed atomizers, and these need to go to make more room... 9 clones, 3 authentic. A couple "Catfished," most came with and have the BF pin installed. Priced from $5 to $35 Shipping: add $7 for up to 5 items; or Free for 6 or more items Best Deal: Take it ALL...
  10. MaxPerilous

    Clone. A dirty word?

    So I've been wanting to dip my toe into the large pool of RDA's. I hear if you want the best flavor RDA is the way to go. Traditionally I'm a tank guy. When I'm out and about I don't want to be messing with my vape. Ultimately I want nic delivery with no fuss. I've been thinking though, while...
  11. VapeMate

    Known Good Clone/Styled RTAs

    Hey masters, i've been looking for some RTA but they're just expensive for me so i decided to look for clones some cheap ones i could find were these: Vanilla Styled RTA Rebuildable Tank Atomizer Foggatti V2 Styled RTA Rebuildable Tank Atomizer Mirror Style Rebuildable Atomizer (4ml) but well...
  12. Jennypennylane

    Looking to clone 2 Smoke Crossroads flavors

    Hello Everyone! I just started DIY about 3 weeks ago. I'm loving it so far, except I am super impatient about steeping. I should just make 2 bottles of everything, one to try within 24 hours, one to steep a few weeks! Anyway, I would like to make 2 flavors from Smoke Crossroads, Coconut Bay and...
  13. Mikhail Naumov

    The best and worst of the 'style' clones on 3F.

    As of late the amount of cheap 'style' clone rebuildable atomizers I have seen popping up on 3FVape has hit an all time high, so I thought I would list the best and the shittest of those I have tried. Best rebuildables: Elite Gen 2 28.5mm RDA $10.59 Velocity 24 25.7mm RDA $10.59 (SS) / $11.59...
  14. S

    Red Colour on wick RDA Goon Clone

    Hey guys, I bought a RDA Goon clone about a month ago and lately I started noticing that when I pull my wick out to re-wick I have this reddish colour where the coils were. Could it be rust from it being a cheaper version? I took the Rda apart and I cannot find any rusting or anything like that...
  15. O

    Gear RDA screws

    I have purchased one. It has hex grub screws on it, which is kind of weird. Because, on every photo and review I watched, it has philips head screws on it. Is that normal? Did Cigreen change the screws or I just got screwed with a clone instead of authentic? Thanks.
  16. D

    Strawberry Watermelon clone help!

    I really love the flavor of Sweet Shack's strawberry watermelon. However, any attempt I've made hasn't come close. The watermelon seems to over power, even at low percentages. Plus, their juice has a yellow hue to it, whereas all my strawberries and watermelon are completely clear. Anybody tried...
  17. r055co

    APVLabs Ripping off Designs

    Well Lowest of the Low. APVLabs brags about "innovation" while they rip off the designs of others. They are pimping out the CLN RDA, claiming to have a Patent. How the hell can you claim having a Patent on something that has been out for 6 months? These dickless thieves did a direct copy of...
  18. PhantomOp

    Charlie Noble Admiral's Reserve - PB Cereal [REAL RECIPE]

    Charlie Noble Admiral's Reserve - PB Cereal ============================================== TFA : Peanut Butter : 8.50% TFA : Malted Milk : 1.50% CAP : Vanilla Custard V2 : 3.50% CAP : Sugar Cookie : 5.50% FW : Bavarian Cream : 0.50% FW : Cotton Candy OR Ethyl Maltol : 0.50% Acetyl Pyrizine 1...
  19. PhantomOp

    CLONE: Aspire Triton "Clapton" Coils - BUYER BEWARE

    Cloned Aspire Triton "Clapton" Coils -- BUYER BEWARE Packaging is very convincing that these coils will be spot on. However -- they are not. How to tell the difference -- First thing I noticed was the spelling error of the website address, I then noticed color difference on the "swoosh". Look...
  20. Yagisher

    BMI V2R1

    Hello guys, I am new on this forum so I did not know where to post this. Sorry if I posted it in a wrong place :) Anyways I've been looking for BMI V2R1 1:1 clones for a while but could not find much. Some clones are really bad and does not even look like originals. I really like what BMI does...
  21. J

    Watermelon Candy Pop Clouds Recipe

    anyone know a recipe/clone for Pop Clouds Watermelon Candy? It's a watermelon candy pop rocks flavor. I've tried many times using FW pink champagne, TFA watermelon candy and TFA watermelon as well as super sweet and EM but nothing close!
  22. Danwd

    Blueberry blackberry clone?

    Does anyone have or can make a clone of Sofa kings blueberry blackberry? I have been trying for sometime now and can't seem to get it. Thanks a lot.
  23. Timmerz

    Able Clone kit from FT

    I took steel wool to the insides of the RDA and to the threads and seems much better...
  24. Ms. Trixy

    *CAUTION*: S Body Elfin DNA40 - probable knock offs.

    I want to get the pink S Body Elvin DNA40. Everywhere I look I see DNA40 mentioned as the primary feature other than the small size. However, FastTech has it listed for $48 and has NO mention of the DNA chip in it's description. Why is that? I was wondering if some are DNA and some are...
  25. Stahlhammer

    Lindbergh Lucky Lindy

    I love Lindbergh juice but they stopped selling Lucky Lindy. Tried to clone and got close but not quite. Best description I could give would be that it tastes like white grape Hi-Chew candy. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  26. Cosmic_Glaze

    Rose V3 clones? Anyone have them?

    Wanted to check out the Rose v3. 3fvapes has three diff. Kinds does anyone have them or any reviews? One is the SKX the other is SJMY and the other is a no name. I recently picked up a SMJY Kayfun 5 and the quality on this thing is fantastic. Any thoughts to which one to get would be great help...
  27. R

    Kanger Authenticity

    Hi guys, I'm new here and I have yet to buy my own E-cig but I am looking at the Kangertech Cupti which is sold at . However, they are selling at a very low price so I was wondering if the e-cig they are selling is authentic or fake. Anyone bought a Kangertech Cupti from them before...
  28. Khaoticfury

    Trinity Glass Cap

    So i am looking at the Trinity Glass Caps on and want one for the Tobeco Velocity V2 RDA clone I ordered. Wondering if anyone can answer the following questions: 1. Will the cap designed for Velocity fit a clone...
  29. vaporsclone - Deals and Discounts (10% OFF)

    Hi VU vapers, VaporsClone has new deals on premium clone vape gears now, and don't forget that you can use VC10 to get 10% OFF at shopping cart before checkout: SIGELEI moonshot RTA $15.23 FREE Shipping IJOY Tornado...
  30. vaporsclone - Deals and Discounts (VC10 for 10% OFF)

    Hi vapers, Looking for premium clone vape gears with FREE shipping? Come to check out our store And don't forget to apply 10% OFF discount code VC10 at shopping cart! New Deals: IJOY Tornado RDTA 300W $14.50 FREE Shipping...
  31. SoulVaper

    Starting to make my e-juice

    hello friends, So i want to start to make my e-juice and i have found out that there are some company's with pre-made recipes. I have found one called " Hit the Pipe " but it did't had any flavors that appeal to me. Can any one recommend some brand's like this? PS: If i'm not mistaken it's...
  32. dubcvapor

    ✰ Weekend M-Atty Sale!!! ✰ FREE "M" Style Atty RDA with purchase of $40 or more!
  33. S

    Kilo Fruit Whip Clone - PLS release it!!!

    Hi Vapers! I love this juice above. I've tried many batches to clone it but something special is missing. I let you know my ingredients, here we go: Apple TPA 2% (tried green Apple too) Kiwi FA 4% (tried double kiwi from TPA too) Peach TPA 2% (tried without too) Pear CAP 2% (tried with TPA...
  34. S

    Super Strudel Clone (I call it Uber Strawberry Strudel max VG)

    This is more strawberrier and slightly sweeter than Super Strudel but oh so good! If you try this please let me know how you like it. Supplies: 30 ml Glass Bottle Syringe(s) Gloves Ingredients below Add the following to 30ml bottle in order. 3.0 ml 100mg/ml Nicotine VG 1.0 ml LO...
  35. J

    Peaches and DREAM. Accidental "Karma Cream" clone.

    So I was just looking through some of the flavor concentrates I have, trying to find some I rarely use, to make something with them. I saw my TFA Juicy Peach. I use it sometimes in a particular recipe that uses it as an additive rather than a peach flavor, at a low percentage, and that was...
  36. dubcvapor

    ☁ ☁ ☁ MEMORIAL DAY SALE ☁ ☁ ☁ All Day Monday 5/30 | 20% OFF Premium Juice Brands | RDAs | RTAs

    ☁ ☁ ☁ MEMORIAL DAY SALE ☁ ☁ ☁ Monday, May 30th 12am-midnight ONLY Buy any (2) 30mL Bottles, Get 10% off Buy any (4) 30mL Bottles Get 20% off Authentic RDAs / RTAs 10% off Clone RDAs / RTAs 20% off
  37. dubcvapor

    ☁ ☁ ☁ M ATTY STYLE RDA CLONE BY TOBECO - $14.99 ☁ ☁ ☁
  38. dubcvapor

    ☁ ☁ ☁ M Atty Style RDA by Tobeco ☁ ☁ ☁ SS or Black for $15.99 (US Seller) M Atty Style RDA by Tobeco (SS or Black) $15.99 The M Atty Style RDA by Tobeco is a 1:1 clone of the M Atty RDA by MEB Mods. This RDA is constructed from 316 stainless steel has adjustable dual and single airflow. The M Atty Style...
  39. M

    kind juice kew west sunset (peach rings)

    anyone have a clone recipe thats close to this?
  40. B

    Need a little help with a clone...

    I'm attempting to clone GQ's High Roller. Any ideas?
  41. kyla90

    REQUEST Charlie's mustache milk recipe

    hey! please someone must have a clone recipe for this juice I've tried without luck myself and really love this vape any help would be appreciated :)
  42. bigrobbie

    Cherry Bomber Box Mod, my newest purchase...thoughts

    I'm not the most knowledgeable vaper, I would say I'm moderately educated. So I just ordered a Wooden Cherry Bomber box for my 3rd Box mod. Now I've read mixed reviews on products before, but this mod takes the cake! However, I'm a sucker for anything looking as cool as the Wooden Cherry...
  43. JohnDoses

    ***SOLD*** WTT Noisy Cricket and Zero clone by Infinite

    Noisy Cricket is brand new never used. Infinite Zero clone, (acrylic 40w) never used, only taken out of package to see if it works. Can't find a lot of info about this exact product, which is the only reason I am not selling, but would consider. Everything comes in original packaging with any...
  44. QuestForVapology

    Finding a redish/pinkish color on my Rda's cotton? (clone clue)

    I'm trying to clone Rex by Opus Elixer, and I'm looking for clues of what they use to sweeten their juice. It's a simple kiwi and strawberry, but it's intensely sweetened. After dripping Rex, and waiting a few hours, the cotton will oxidize into a pinkish, reddish, brownish color. Could this be...
  45. Lambreau21

    How much do you worry about counterfeit items online?

    I just picked up a Subox Mini and have been extremely pleased with it. I then came across a few posts on cloned vapes and a popular one was the Kanger Subox Mini. I dug a little deeper to find that these clones are made very well down to the packaging and everything so most people cant tell...
  46. JohnDoses

    **SOLD** WTS RDA lot

    ***EDIT- Sapor Added*** $50 for all 7 RDAs with stands included, free shipping. Some have never been used, including the Kennedy, others used more but have been cleaned and show no signs of misuse. I really don't want to split up and ship 6 packages, so someone please take these off my hands...
  47. J

    Sicboy- sicker than most recipe wanted

    I've been searching for this one for a long time. Here is what I got but it seems off a little but maybe more steep time would help. I would say this is 80%-90% complete. To me the Vienna cream seems off a bit. I found this recipe listing around the net somewhere. 3% Vienna cream (fa) 5%...
  48. fratervapor

    Help identify this clone clearomizer

    I don't have enough experience to know what tank this is supposed to be a clone of. It is a single topcoil with silica wick. The barrel is plastic. In particular I am interested in what premade coils it would take. I have some wire and cotton on the way so I will try to rebuild when this...
  49. M

    Authentic or clone?

    What's up guys, I purchased a supposedly authentic Tugboat v2 limited edition anarchist about 2 weeks ago and I just noticed that the picture of the Anarchist and Tugboat logo are posted on and no engraved. I was told that authentic Tugboats are always engraved and not posted on. I had a friend...
  50. C

    Uncle Junks Jon Wayne Clone

    I don't usually clone recipes, but my friends asked me to give it a shot so why not, they agreed its the best jon wayne clone they've come across. So I thought I would share it, here's the recipe. Enjoy! Turkish Tobacco TFA .3% Double RY4 TFA 1% Molasses TFA 3% Creamy Caramel One on One 3%...

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