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Hey guys, join me on my journey down the braiding rabbit hole.

I have recently gotten back into building in a big way, honestly im addicted at this point. When i got back into it i fell in love with braiding and the aesthetic of it. If anyone is interested in learning the absolute basics i would recommend zophie vapes vertibraid tutorial. Here are some of my most recent braids.

Down below i have an attempt at a fused braid (a very basic 3 dual strand fish tail [30 guage] attached to a twisted 28 guage outer fused with 32 guage if i remember right it all ohmed out around 0.14.

The second is me learning slentre braids it is 24 core with 32 outer wraps ohmed out around 0.18.

As you can see i need to improve a lot but i am loving it and cannot stop.


Honestly only the diamond back killed me verties usually take me a minute a piece the "odin" coils take me 10 celtics about 5 mins
but that diamond back i thought my ass was going to be stuck there forever


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These are the next coil projects. Love this. Any tutorials on braiding that you would like to share?

Great work.

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Love the middle one, reminds me of predator when he takes his helmet off for some reason

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I only vape genisis atomizers on mesh wicks and for about the last year I have been playing around with woven or braided wire from Russia and the Ukraine....I gotta say they vape pretty damned good.

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