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Hi everyone, I'm quite new to the vaping world so I need your opinion about Uwell Caliburn?
I had Innokin in the past for around six months and I was quite happy with it and never had any problems, but once I have bought Uwell Caliburn I constantly having issues with the device and they last max 4 months and some of them only for a few weeks. The main problems I have had is the device is discharging while not in use.
Does anybody having any similar issues with it???
P.S. It's a brilliant device while is working.


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Hi :wave: Welcome to the forum.

I do not have a Uwell Caliburn unfortunately so I can not answer your question.

What did you have by Innokin?


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I too do not own one of the devices asked about. This aside I know from experience with many various similar devices, the device will usually have a means to lock the firing button.

Can you click five times and click the device off?

Well, as I sit here, I think possibly I could be better informed as a consumer. That noted I do a quick search and find the Uwell Caliburn site.

Clicks to Lock/Unlock​

You can quickly lock your Caliburn by 5 clicks.Click 5 times again to unlock the device.

I would think, if one clicked the device off to put it in a pocket for example, it wouldn't discharge during periods of not being used. That noted I'm sure devices do not always work as they ought to work. If that is the case I would contact the vendor you purchased the device from. You might possibly arrange a trade back credit for a different device. May even hazard to suggest you return to the Innokin device line as you state not having issues with them.

Hope I've helped, @sonic_the_hedgeh (hugo).
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Sorry to hear about your troubles with the Caliburn. I have 3 that I used everyday for over a year. I experienced amazing coil life. Never had any troubles with them discharging. You must turn them off when you put in your pocket or the button gets pressed & they fire. Are they legitimate did you check the authenticity code? Could they be clones? My buddy had trouble with his we checked the code & sure enough he bought a clone.

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