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Forest Rangers
I yrs ago was a Foreshore Ranger here in Aus for several yrs on the Victorian Surf Coast. Catching out illegal abolone fishers and others. Did a bit of night work doing it too. Was a very interesting and hairy job at times too. Not for me these days given our current generation. Good luck to those doing it now.

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Video Store

Do these exist anymore? None in my town, Walmart sells DVDs I think and maybe Target. There are a few Redboxes around as well. I guess streaming has killed them off except where the internet sucks or not available.
Even though I live in a big city (San Francisco) there are still a few here. They are smaller independently owned funky little places. But they do exist. But if you're looking for Blockbuster you'll have to head to Bend, Oregon. It's the only 1 left.

Even more oddly a movie documentary was made about it.

Clip from movie below. (NOTE MAY OR MAY NOT WORK)


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