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Darn. I don't do sweet,spicy and least in a vape.
It doesn't taste sweet, spices or melon to me. I hate melon to eat or vape. To me, It tastes like a rich, mulled apple cider. That said, it does not have any apple in it.

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I don't do apples or cider. In a B&M I can smell through the unopened bottles and can tell right there even if the clerk says it has something I don't like in it. If it smells good with a muted tone of what I really don't care for, I'll give it a shot. BUT, considering my current quantity of premade juices, I don't order any more. Except for that Biscotti. Hope I get it by the weekend to use with a new tank. Or, even a RDA, which I really don't care for. Tanks/RTDAs is fine. I prefer to have it hold a decent amount of liquid than applying it all the time.
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