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My letter to the FDA

Hello all!

My name is Steve Soderquist and I've been a vaper for about five years, a former smoker of 38 years. I am a DIY'er for both e-juice and RDA/RDTA. I am also a writer, but this is not the platform to sell books on. That being said, I sent a letter to the FDA's tobacco division. I indeed filled out the survey but wanted to take it a step further. I wish to share this with you guys and encourage anyone who has a voice, as everyone does, to do the same if you wish. It may lead to nothing, but I refuse to stay silent while our community gets the shaft. Thanks for reading!

To: [email protected]

Dear sir/madam,

I would like to submit my input regarding the current legislation being proposed concerning vape e-juice, its companies, and subsidiaries.

I am a former smoker of thirty-eight years and had tried on multiple occasions to quit using almost every method available. As you are well aware, smoking is the number one voluntary killer available to the general public, and while regulations have certainly been put in place over the years to curb our youth, accessibility will always remain an issue. At first, a child need only walk into a store and produce a ‘note’ from a supposed parent to purchase a pack of cigarettes. As time passed, stricter laws were put in place that included fines and in rare instances, even jail. However, this has only put a band-aid on the problematic wound, as cigarettes are still available and too many children are smoking them.

When alcohol went the prohibition route, it was not long after that boot-leggers became rich men. After this, alcohol was brought back and over the years, laws were put in place to once again, curb the youth.

E-juice manufacturers and its vendors are being met with bullying tactics due to the irresponsible actions of some of these vendors, grouping responsible vendors with them. Beer and alcohol come in many fruity and sweet flavors to appeal to a wider consumer list, as cigarettes have. However, unlike these two, e-juice has NO addictive ingredients, save nicotine, which is available as an option. There are over 2,538 different breweries operating in the US as of June 2013. Each of these breweries may support one or more brands/labels of beer, so you're looking at north of 2,500 different brands based solely on made in the USA, not including imports. The total is well over 15,000. Of these, only 43 are non-alcoholic.

The packaging of e-juice, as well as the use of familiar products that are widely accepted as ‘kids products’ is something I and the community of responsible vapers I am proud to be a part of completely agree with concerning your stance. The method of expulsion the FDA is pursuing is not. We who are former smokers are well-informed of the dangers of cigarettes, as well as second-hand smoke. We spend a large amount of our personal time educating, teaching, and bringing better alternatives to those who are still addicted to cigarettes. E-juice is made of two main liquids, that being Propylene Glycol and Vegetable Glycerin. Responsible e-juice manufacturers have, and are, always attentive to possible additives that can be harmful. How our government responds to those who are seeking to work with the FDA should be at least as important to you as those who do not.

As a consumer and vaper with three children of my own, and three grandchildren, I consider it my responsibility to be there for them as long as possible. I quit smoking as I became aware that by continuing to smoke, I would curtail my future. And not only with them, but also my wife, my extended family, and my friends.

Let’s work together to hold these companies that are being irresponsible with their packaging, production, and marketing, and concentrate on coming to an agreement that while not inhaling anything except air is always best, we first need to address the tobacco industry and hold them accountable for the part they are playing in wanting to close down vaping companies and their outlets, as it is hurting them financially. I believe I just addressed the elephant in the room.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.


Steve Soderquist


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Welcome @Steve Soderquist and I hope you enjoy your stay~!~

I can't wait for an update if and when you ever get a response from them. I am still waiting for the call back from the call I made a few years ago when the Deeming regulations were released. For them to explain how a MOD or Coils is made from Tobacco.


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