1. eSMOKA

    FDA PMTA Deadline MIGHT BE Postponed Until September :)

    Sounds like there's a great chance that the FDA might postpone the May 12, 2020 PMTA deadline, stating they are basically overwhelmed with COVID-19 crisis. In other words, the FDA is spread too thin. ( :finger: ) They've asked the court to allow a 120-day postponement and the plaintiff...
  2. SpectoVia

    VU Poll

    https://pjmedia.com/trending/fda-issues-e-cig-flavor-ban/ Major inconvenience or "meh"?
  3. Irked Particle

    "JUUL Exhales After Dodging Full Ban On Flavored E-Cigs"

    From Wired.com: https://www.wired.com/story/juul-dodging-ban-flavored-e-cigs/ Interesting article about the FDA's decision not to ban flavors. Instead, retailers will display JUUL products where kids under 18 years old won't be able to see them, so they say.
  4. Irked Particle

    Viagra & Vape: ED Drugs in E-liquid

    A USA Today story was just released saying the FDA is looking into a Chinese company called HelloCig Electronic Technology Co., Ltd for allegedly using the active ingredients in Viagra & Cialis in their e-liquid. And then selling it to U.S. customers. Way to go, HelloCig. As if we needed an even...
  5. Breazy_Com

    FDA Crackdown Could Mean the End of Sweetness in Vaping

    FDA Crackdown Could Mean the End of Sweetness in Vaping Vapers currently have a choice of a virtually endless spectrum of flavors—there's fruit, candy, desserts, donuts, cereal, coffee and the list goes on. However, a potential federal government crackdown on the industry could turn the...
  6. r055co

    FDA Such a Corrupt Organization

    So disgusting https://returntonow.net/2018/05/30/frosted-flakes-healthier-than-avocados-fda/
  7. r055co

    FDA Statement - We're Screwed

  8. Ms. Trixy

    Tobacco Politics & Tobacco Control 2014 - Why they're shitting their pants!

    Tobacco Politics: No wonder Big Tobacco is shitting their pants. This article from 2014, regarding the UK and US, will keep you reading. Read this: The Tobacco Control Industry - 2014 Stats Allocated funds TO Tobacco. Factoid: Due to 100 PG intolerance deaths, the FDA was formed in 1938.
  9. Steve Soderquist

    My letter to the FDA

    Hello all! My name is Steve Soderquist and I've been a vaper for about five years, a former smoker of 38 years. I am a DIY'er for both e-juice and RDA/RDTA. I am also a writer, but this is not the platform to sell books on. That being said, I sent a letter to the FDA's tobacco division. I...
  10. VaporJoe

    New Badge Available for Our Reddit Exiles!

    Have you been banned by Reddit or a user that left Reddit because of the bans? Are you a merchant that's subreddit has been deleted? Are you a merchant looking for a safe place to apply your trade? We extend our hand in friendship. We welcome you and want you to speak freely! Our rules are...
  11. SpectoVia

    Vaping in the News

    The Corruption of Public Health Government’s effort to suppress vaping—the most promising antismoking product ever created—is part of a broader scandal. https://www.city-journal.org/html/corruption-public-health-15323.html Sympathies to my Blue State vaping bros.
  12. Ms. Trixy

    What entities/establighments are "EXCLUDED" from the FDA Deem Regs.

    I have downloaded all 499 pages of the FDA Deeming Regs. As it is quite a long document,:tldr:, I would like to know if ANYONE can answer this: I was at the American Legion this evening for dinner and bar bingo. A waitress came over and told my physician friend "that" was not allowed here"...
  13. Ms. Trixy

    No one saw today's article? The FDA stood down, big time!!!

    I am elated! I thought for sure there would be a party going on. It's in an email I received. YAY for VAPING!!! HERE IS THE ARTICLE DATED 7/28. If you really want to know what we are up against, read it. Otherwise it's extended until 8/2021. Read it to see what's affected...
  14. Ms. Trixy

    Are we all 'vaping' outside - restaurants, bars, etc. ?

    I'm going out this evening for a bit and would like to know who of you are or are not smoking indoors.
  15. Angelv942

    Has anyone had a chance to read this

    Ill keep it short. Man the FDA sucks big time https://fee.org/articles/a-last-ditch-effort-to-save-e-cigs-from-the-fda-and-big-tobacco/ Pretty good read
  16. r055co

    This Needs To Be Signed

    This is going to be dropped on Trumps Desk, if he does anything who knows. But this will bring more attention to this and hopefully something positive will happen. I remain very sceptical that this will amount to anything but I certainly am not going to lay down while they Shit on Me and call...
  17. Ms. Trixy

    A HUGE win for Indiana!!!

  18. TW Tom

    Totally Wicked A Very Personal Story.

    We made this video so show the impact of the FDA regulations on our business and businesses like ours. It's long, but it needed to be, I am sure many other business owners will empathize. If you do have time to watch it please let us have your feedback.
  19. inspects

    The Truth About Cancer--Please Watch

    Please watch this video and share it with friends and family. The video will be online for 23 hours, until the next video is available. There will be nine videos following this first one. This is about one mans quest to find out the truth about cancer and treatments. It's truly enlightening, and...
  20. TW Tom

    Are YOUR kids as stupid as the Government says they are?

    We wrote this blog because it's a subject very close to our hearts. We are SICK and TIRED of hearing how the FDA and other elected and unelected bodies use our kids, your kids and your grandchildren, as an excuse to destroy this industry. Many of us here at TW are parents, our kids are not...
  21. r055co

    So You Don't Think You Need To Stockpile Nic?

    For those who are a bit complacent and don't think they need to keep a healthy stockpile of Nic juice. Let me put it to you this way. With the way Government is going after Vaping the vulnerable piece is Nic, they can easily shut down the supply even to the point of making it illegal. For an...
  22. Bill TattooVape.com


    HOW TO DESTROY AN INDUSTRY: FEDERAL E-CIG REGULATION COULD COST ONE WISCONSIN COMPANY $200 MILLION https://www.tattoovape.com/destroy-industry-federal-e-cig-regulation-cost-one-wisconsin-company-200-million/
  23. r055co

    eBay Shutting Down Vape Vendors?

    Just got a note in my package from a Vendor I bought a couple of RDA's from. He states that EBay is starting to shut down accounts that sell Vape Gear due to the FDA.
  24. Chainvapor

    Another Legend lost to the Regulations :(

    Hello All, Nicoticket is liquidating their inventory and closing the doors soon. I still vape a few of their flavors and really think the company has been wonderful for the vaping community. Great Customer service and really good and unique e-liquid. I will be sorry to see them go but I...
  25. TW Tom

    Totally Wicked Discussing FDA Regs on Local Radio

    It is always nice to be given an open forum and the opportunity to talk about the reality of FDA regs. http://myq105.com/2016/11/23/the-current-features-changing-regulations-for-e-cigarettes/
  26. TW Tom

    Totally Wicked Issues Press Release About the Reality of the FDA Regs.

    Click on the link below to read the Press Release: https://www.totallywicked-eliquid.com/blog/2016/11/11/press-statement-fda-to-shut-down-totally-wicked/ Watch the video below as our Managing Director announces the reality of the situation:
  27. Ms. Trixy

    Shipment Fees (FedEx, DHL, EMS, etc.) Did you get hit?

    Have you been hit with a shipping fee for merchandise you ordered (or won)? -There are some of us getting hit with delivery fees from shipping companies. - I was hit with a bill from FedEx for $20.46 3 weeks later and the vendor refunded me. - Also, has your package been searched by our lovely...
  28. Cacuqecig

    Steps to Confront The FDA to Avoid Influence on Ecigs

    This month, the meeting of the analysis of the FDA regulations as well as corresponding steps is held in ShenZhen and during which,an American famous lawyer and the e-cigarette expertise of FDA,the Chairman of the American branch of the ShenZhen Electronic Cigarette Industry Association along...
  29. Ms. Trixy

    So, what does your Customs-Home Land Security Package look like?

    Got a first today. Very lightweight package from China. It's the 2 sets of 2 coils (4) for the contest I won. AND they had me sign certified mail for it. But the text to sign came in TODAY. Now the FDA has my name and address??? Sadly, I don't have the Eagle Top Air Flow tank from...
  30. TW Tom

    Does anyone in power really support vaping?

    Probably our best blog yet. Is there a political party bias when it comes to supporting vaping? Generally - Democrats oppose vaping with Republicans supporting vaping. NO we are not endorsing Trump, or the Republicans, we are merely reporting on what we find. “Meet the strange bedfellows against...
  31. inspects

    The FDA’s Misguided Nicotine Crusade

  32. TheHouseofVape

    The House of Vape

    2 locations to serve you better. 9215 Market St. North Lima Ohio 44452 330-953-1383 Next to Gentlemen's Tattoo just south of Western Reserve Rd. 3050 Elm RD. NE Warren Ohio 44483 234-806-3201 In the Crystal Court Plaza next to Sims Buick-GMC. Directly across the street from Subway. Great...
  33. Ms. Trixy

    Do YOU have a Bug Out Bag? Are YOU prepared for survival and to protect yourself & your loved ones?

    I hate getting into Politics. Which for the most part I will not. Even without the current political climate, are YOU prepared if something happens? War, Rioting, Shootings, Looting, Angry 'people' doing unthinkable things? Or, an EMP happens? I am preparing, obsessively about my Bug Out...
  34. KingClouds


    So once it passes on aug 8th does that mean most things will be going out of stock fast? mostly e juice.
  35. KingClouds

    So what is the FDA doing exactly?

    Someone please enlighten me on what the FDA plans on doing to the vaping community. Does this mean the end of vaping for a long time?
  36. TygerTyger

    Vape Advocacy Coalition Formed

    READ ALL ABOUT IT: http://guidetovaping.com/2016/05/09/fda-backlash-an-army-of-advocates-rising/
  37. VaporJoe

    New Forum added for FDA regulations

    A new forum area has been added for discussing FDA regulations: http://vapingunderground.com/forums/fda-regulations-discussion.745/
  38. VaporJoe


    This area is for those that want to talk about the FDA regulations, updates, loopholes, and pending court cases.
  39. tr1age

    Rick Astley [delete me]

    The toxic comments in this thread show how there really needs to be unity in the vaping world for this to work. You are your own worst enemies.
  40. VaporJoe


    The FDA has made their regulations and the news is grim. Those in power have proven that despite the rapidly growing mass of proof that vaping is a very positive thing, they will stubbornly keep their heads in their nether regions, and their hands in the pockets of those with vested interests...
  41. A

    Vaping Amendment Explained

  42. tr1age


    We wanted to re-address our viewers in a more calm and collected way to talk about Vaping and the actual side effects as well as what is going on in the regulation world! Clearly from the responses and comments, we see how strong and passionate your voices are and believe they can make a...
  43. B

    Video for Legislators: Vape Products Are Not Tobacco Products. Check out the video!

    Hi, I am a new member here. I'm so glad for signing up finally. This is my first post as well. I am posting this because I watched this video and I loved it. It is a unique vape video. It is extremely informative. I hope you like it. make sure you watch what he says about the egg plant. What...
  44. DEATHquidox

    What does the FDA want? If they regulate will it be bad for the vaping community?

    Hey guys, Just to start im sorry if this is on the wrong sub fourm I just figured it would be good under general discussion. Onto my question, people dont want the FDA to regulate anything which I can understand in some sense but what does this mean for the vaping community if they do regulate...
  45. VapeMentors

    The FDA's Decision Will Affect ALL Vapers!

    The FDA. They're coming and they will have a huge impact on every single vape space business. Make no mistake. VapeMentors is holding a FREE webinar, "Knock, Knock. It's the FDA Calling," on Wed., Nov. 18, 5 p.m. PST (8 p.m. EST) to help vape space businesses 'future-proof' their company and...

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