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Need a good momentary switch.

Hey guys, I have a Self builded Vape with,

66,2 Amps and 12V
total watts 794,4W
and 0.18Ω

but my switches are burning out, when i fire, and i need a momentary switch that can hold that power.

Thank you.;)


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Fucking hell I couldn't vape that. I can't even handle above 40 watts without coughing my guts up but besides that I like longer draws. 3.5-6 seconds.
I'm vaping at 18 watts atm.
700 odd watts is insanity and I definitely applaud you for that LOL!!

Hillbilly Pig

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Max 794 watts? Am I reading that right? I hope not...that seems ridiculously dangerous and is it on a mech?

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