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[New Arrival] $24.49 -- Footoon Aqua Master RDA 24mm Vape Tank


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Brand: Footoon
Product Name: Footoon Aqua Master RDA
Type: Atomizer | Vape Tank | RDA
Color: SS, Black, Blue, Sand Blasting

Footoon Aqua Master RDA 24mm Vape Tank comes with 24mm diameter and mesh coil to create massive clouds and massive clouds. With the innovative building deck and the adjustable airflow system, it is simple to replace the coil with easy operation.

Features of Footoon Aqua Master RDA 24mm Atomizer
➤ Unique airflow adjustment system
➤ Innovative building deck for easy coil building
➤ Clamping Coil set up system
➤ Compatible with mesh coil for massive clouds

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