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Please help!!!

Hi, i have been so excited waiting for my new kanger dripez and it finally came. I've looked at every utube video but i cant get it to move from 0 watts or any temperature ,PLEASE HELP


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I have had wonky stuff happen straight out of the box.

Try removing the battery, let it sit for a few minutes and put back and give it a try.

Not sure about the Dripez, but my Dripbox 2 wanted a software upgrade when I got it.

Got the upgrade and I have been happily vaping ever since!


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That is a kind of oddball set up all together - and I don't know of anyone on the forum that actually has one

However, Kanger products in general are very popular, so it is highly likely someone will be able to help you because it is probably the same firmware as other Kanger mods :)
thank you all. I did read the manual. My husband used to do all if this butt ghee just recently passed away. Im very suprised that it doesn't seem to produe any vape even at 80wt.and the juice spits back into my mouth and burns. I am not new to vaping, i have, right now a reuleax 200, a eleaf istick and my smok skyhook just broke. before my husband passed we had a rda, i guess , on the 200 for dripping. That's really all I want, something i just drip juice into. Any suggestions? I also tried the kangertech dribbox 60 but i really don't want another ' squonker' TIA!

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