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  1. ECigMafia Official

    Restocked | Kangertech | ELeaf | Pachamama | Vaporesso

    Restocked | Kangertech | ELeaf | Pachamama | Vaporesso Restocked | Kangertech | ELeaf | Pachamama | Vaporesso
  2. ECigMafia Official

    Get 15% off across the Store | March Madness Sale

    Offer : 15% off across the store*. *Code does not work on sale items Code: MARCH15 Validity : 31st March 2021
  3. 3Avape Official

    $7.99 KangerTech Nebox 60W TC Mod Kit

    Product introduction KangerTech Nebox 60W TC Mod Kit is powered by an external single 18650 battery, can reach to max output 60watts, support resistance as low as 0.15ohm, with temperature control and adjustable wattage modes. The atomizer uses the SSOCC coils, this coil is the thinner...
  4. 3Avape Official

    $7.99 KangerTech Nebox 60W TC Mod Kit

    Product introduction KangerTech Nebox 60W TC Mod Kit is powered by an external single 18650 battery, can reach to max output 60watts, support resistance as low as 0.15ohm, with temperature control and adjustable wattage modes. The atomizer uses the SSOCC coils, this coil is the thinner...
  5. Vappora


    Exclusive Offer for the Vaping Underground Community Get 20% Off an Evod Vape Pen Kit by using the store coupon: VU20EVOD Each Evod Kit comes with: 2 Evod Vape Pen with coils in place 5 MT32 Evod Coils in a sealed blister pack 1 Evod USB Battery Charger 1 Wall AC Adaptor User Manual QR Code...
  6. 3Avape Official

    $4.99 Kangertech Subtank 25/22mm (With RBA Deck)

    Product introduction Kangertech Subtank is crafted from superior stainless steel, features a large 6.0ml e-juice capacity. The new sub-ohm OCC (Organic Cotton Coil) coils are made with Japanese cotton to provide you incredible vapor production and flavor. Subtank not only includes two different...

    Kangertech EVOD Vape Pen Kit

    >>>>>>>>>> Vape4ever Product Time <<<<<<<<<< The EVOD Vape Pen is a great try to use electronic vaporizers for the first time. Unlike other vape pens on the market, the Kangertech EVOD doesn't use any settings that must be adjusted or understood. This is perfect for new users as they need no...
  8. GorillaP

    WTS - Hardware - Drag2 kits, Vfeng-s kit, Wotofo Squonk mod Athena RDAs, I just NexGen kit, and more

    Wotofo Squonk mods and Drag2 kits, coils and used hardware. All brand new in package unless noted. Will combine shipping. Shipping is actual cost only. I do have an active eBay account with 100% rating for reference if needed. Please post here before sending a PM. I am not looking for trades...
  9. tshere

    Subox Mini C Tank

    What tanks are compatible with my Kanger Subox Mini C?
  10. StrikeV1

    I have a kangertech juppi and I want to add another tank

    i have he kangertech juppi and since I absolutely hate the tank I want to buy an RDA style. It said on the rda page that it should not be connected on any hybrid and I don’t know if my mod is a hybrid or not.
  11. pizzadave80

    Pizza Dave Reviews - The Uboat by Kangertech

    Hello everyone and welcome to Pizza Dave’s vape reviews. Today I will be reviewing the Uboat by Kangertech. This device was sent to me by Urvapin for review. ______________________________________________________________________________ INTRODUCTION Ah, the Uboat… not just the name of a...
  12. Syed_Ramiish

    Kangertech Subox Mini

    Hey there I am using a kangertech subox mini on rba with 0.5ohm on 22w Am I able to do Clouds on this device?
  13. Frosty

    Best 22mm bf RDA for Kangertech Dripbox 160?

    Hey guys! I've bought my Kanger Dripbox about 7 months ago. Everything worked perfectly from day one except the RDA that comes with the kit. The amount of vapor I get from it is pretty solid and I can't complain about flavor either, but most of my problems were the plastic top. It felt as if...
  14. rianecj88

    New to vaping!! Need help with nicsalts!!!!!

    Hi fellow vapers!!!! I’m fairly new to the vape world. I gave up smoking on Dec 31st for my New Years resolution and I’ve been doing well! First resolution that I actually went and followed through with!!!! Started out with the juul, like it, didn’t love it. Then went to the Suorin. Still have...
  15. Matty102

    Vape juice

    I haven’t posted in a while, but I have a question. When I vape I get vape juice in my mouth. It that's okay? It isn't by what I have read. I have a kangertech plus 7ml, Eleaf 100w. I use 80/20 VG juice and. 0.05 coils. Thank for any help.
  16. Slaudone

    Different mah battery?

    I bought new batteries for my kangertech five6 but 2 of them are 2600 mah, 2 are 2500 mah, and the last one is 2000 mah. Can I use them together or do they need to be the same?
  17. M

    Kangertech subox mini HELP!!!

    So i just bought 2 new kangertech subox minis and they both have the same problem. When there is a battery and the tank is fully in it wont turn on, charge, anything. Then when theres no battery and the the tanks fully in it still wont charge, turn on, anything. The only time it turns on and...
  18. HealthCabin

    When SpiderMan Meets Transformers...

    When SpiderMan Meets Transformers, what will happen? which one will you choose? Spider Kit is completely a new type of E-cigarette. Matched with FIVE 6 Minitanks, its largest capacity is 4 ML. Built in with a 4200 mAh battery, its output power can reach 200W. The innovative roller switch design...
  19. VapeCraftInc

    New Vape Products Available! Coils, Mods, Ejuice, & Accessories

    We are happy to announce a massive order has just come in with all new hardware and some classics for you to try out! See the list of brands and products below that are now available at Vape Craft Inc: All Eleaf products Eleaf iStick Pico Mega 80w Eleaf Istick Trim Starter Kit Eleaf iCare 2...
  20. D

    Leaking Tank?

    Hey everyone, Firstly I need to apologise if this post is in the wrong thread. I'm kindly asking the moderators to please just move it where it's supposed to go. I'm from South Africa and I've been wanting to switch to vaping and then finally leave the cigarettes alone. So yes, I want to...
  21. D

    Kangertech Dripbox 2

    Long story short, I tried to use my mod after changing the battery but it didn’t work so I looked in the battery chamber and a rubber piece that seemed to be around the positive connector of the mod itself was stuck out, tried to put it back in, it fell out. Now I’m scared to use it. Anybody...
  22. Z

    Do you have to use a certain coil for a certain tank?

    I have the Kangertech Subtank Mini 4.5ml Tank and I have a kangertech coil but my old coil was a cube and this one is a cylinder and I dont know if it is compatible with my tank and I dont want to break it.
  23. M

    Kanger K1 issues

    I really want to like this mod! Feels perfect in my hand, has nice heft. The issue I'm having is intermittent auto firing. I think some juice got in the 510 connector at some point. My buddy thinks it's bunk wiring with the connection. Don't think it's the chip as it's a 75w dna. Any way to do...
  24. Gmkg2013

    Please help!!!

    Hi, i have been so excited waiting for my new kanger dripez and it finally came. I've looked at every utube video but i cant get it to move from 0 watts or any temperature ,PLEASE HELP
  25. leonlee0116jl

    Newbie Question Regarding Battery & Voltage

    Hello everyone! I just received my Kangertech Subox mini. been play around with it for few hours and feels great! My friend just help me build a coil for the RBA and it reads 0.7ohm and I'm vaping at 25W. The voltage was displayed as 4.3V. Is it safe to vape at 25W on the 0.7ohm coil? My...
  26. St3zzY

    Kbox 160 Sticky Fire Button Help Please

    Hi, i recently bought a Kbox 160 and there seems to be a sticky button with it where it will continue to fire after i let go and doesn't click what so ever. Also only works properly pushing it halfway down.... Anyways or ideas i can try to fix this. Please and Thank-You!! :)
  27. yisus

    I just lost this screw.

    i know thats its just a pick of the subdrip from kanger but the dumbass me lost of the those screws and they are so particular that i havent been able to find replacements anywhere. Any ideas o suggestions? I already bought a new RDA I just dont want to lose the deck.
  28. VapeMate

    Can't open Subtank Mini-C top cap

    at last i have received my Authentic KangerTech Subox Mini-C VW APV Box Mod Kit from fasttech this is my first mod kit, and my second vape device it's so handy and beautiful, i've not found a battery for it yet i was exploring the box and reading the manual first, the mod looks second hand to me...
  29. DarthVaper101

    Question on my Kanger "EVOD PRO - MTL Device" and the "CLOCC" coils

    Got this about a month ago, and have been using the CLOCC atomizer it came with. It is an MTL device so there's not that much airflow, but my question is - does this device only take those specific coils (CLOCC 1.5-2.5 ohms) or are there any other coils you could use with it, that may allow for...
  30. P

    Battery Question

    Hi all! So I've been vaping for about a year now, but essentially know nothing about vaping beyond what I currently have. I currently use an Aerotank V2, protank 3, and a mini protank 3. I got my vaping stuff from a buddy who gifted it to me when I was kicking my smoking habit. However, I've...
  31. VapeMate

    Subtank mini-c or protank 5?

    Hey guys here i am with some new questions i've bought KangerTech Subox mini-c and i'm waiting for the shipment now kangertech website, on this page says that the kit comes with a protank 5 people on youtube also saying the same well, anyway i saw it's not rebuildable but coil can be replaced so...
  32. K


    I have the nickel coil in my kangertech subvod mega tc and when I tap the power button 3 times to go into tc mode, it works. Then when I take a hit nothing happens, no smoke, no sound, nothing, but the green light comes on like it's working, but no smoke or anything. I can switch to fire mode...
  33. gt_thegame

    Problem with Coil - Kangertech Subtank Mini

    Hi everyone. I needed some help and not sure if this is the right section. I recently cleaned my tank throughly and then my mod started popping up an error - Check Atomizer. I changed my coil and my mod seems to work fine. Needed some help to fix my coil and I am posting pictures for the same...
  34. gt_thegame

    IPV 4s Check Atomizer Error :(

    Hi everyone, I have seen a few related posts here but haven't been able to find a definitive solution. Recently I changed my flavor after cleaning the tank thoroughly and after placing everything back together, I tried firing up the mod but it gave me an error - check atomizer. Everything...
  35. H

    vape has been gurgling, feels like it's clogged when it isn't, spitting hot oil, no vapor

    i have a kangertech subvod starter kit i got a couple of months ago and it's been having problems for a couple of weeks now. i can't currently replace the coils but i took it apart and rinsed it all off and cleaned out all the gunk with a q-tip. after i did that, the problem got worse. the hits...
  36. H

    coils for kangertech subvod starter kit

    i have a kangertech subvod starter kit, which i've had for a few months. that being said, i have never replaced the coils. i am relatively new to vaping and i forgot that was something that was necessary. where can i find new coils for this vape? i cannot seem to find them online, would they...
  37. Vape Bee

    Great prices on Kanger Coils and Tesla Kits at

    Just launched the site, and adding more products daily. For now, we have some of the best prices around on: Kanger Clapton, Ceramic and VOCC-T Coils Tesla Stealth 100W Kit and Tesla AIO 70W Kit Until Februrary we have a coupon for 10% off your first order: BUZZEDBEE Always free shipping...
  38. Bhjw123

    Kangertech dripbox

    Hi I have a kangertech dripbox and seem to be having some electrical issues. I can only use it when it is plugged in and charging. Even if it shows the battery is fully charged (green light). It only works while it's on the charger. When I try to use it off the charger it blinks 3 times. I have...
  39. B

    Cupti buttons sticking after dropping

    KANGERTECH CUPTI buttons are jammed after I let it fall on the floor. When battery is removed I can press the buttons and they feel great. But as soon as I put the battery back inside the sticking of all 3 buttons happens. I reallY love this mod and I don't want to part with it. Has this happend...
  40. L

    Problem with kangertech subvod

    I tried to change the coil in my kangertech subvod (SSOCC coil) the other day but I think something went wrong? Ever since I tried to change it, it doesn't turn on. When I press the button it blinks the way it does when it's out of battery life but I know for a fact it is charged. I took it into...
  41. Steampugs

    Pugsley's overly engineered & uniquely twisted review of the Kangertech Dripez

    And a very forthcoming and quite frankly frivolous welcome to you my cloud billowing mentalists on this oddly bizarre occasion when I take on the arduous task of reviewing something that at first glance can only conjure up the following reaction ...... "What the actual fuck...??" And...
  42. T

    Can I use Kangertech Toptank mini on my Subox mini?

    Hi, I have a mod for a 50 watt Kangertech Subox mini, and I just bought a tank for it online, but I realized I bought the TopTank Mini instead of a SubTank Mini. Will this tank still work with my mod? Please reply quick, I need to know whether I should cancel it. Thank You.
  43. andyfahri

    Kangertech 1 second burn and wait 10 seconds for new fuel burn again

    I just bought a mini subox kangertech, after a week of normal usage no combustion, 1 second burn and then wait 10 seconds and repeated again the new fuel how to solve this problem. thank you
  44. Crosshair5599

    $20 paypal giveaway!

    I am hosting a $20 paypal giveaway. It is hosted on my new forum. Just sign up and post what number you wanna be in the thread and if the number gets picked you win! that simple!
  45. P

    Please help my subvod

    Just a week ago i bought a KangerTech suvod and it was awesome but now the battery isnt charging. the lights are on when i plug them in but it doesnt seem to e charging my battery if you can help me thank you!!!
  46. R

    Kanger Authenticity

    Hi guys, I'm new here and I have yet to buy my own E-cig but I am looking at the Kangertech Cupti which is sold at . However, they are selling at a very low price so I was wondering if the e-cig they are selling is authentic or fake. Anyone bought a Kangertech Cupti from them before...
  47. R

    Vaping reviews Subscirbers likes comments all appreciated new videos every week
  48. Twickvape23

    Beginner help! Kangertech topbox mini

    I've just upgraded from an eleaf istick to a kangertech topbox mini on my local vape shop's recommendation. However I'm getting a lot of spitting and the vape seems extremely hot even though I've tried messing about with the different temp. and watt Settings, any advice on how to reduce these...
  49. Vital

    Kangertech DripBox 160 - a very favorite device

    It's by far the best device for a low cost. You will need 2*18650 batteries and more that usually of e-liquids but the experience is amazing. A well worth of attention if considering something more powerful
  50. Ramsay Bolton

    Kangertech DRIPBOX 2

    Kangertech DRIPBOX 2 Coming soon! This is all I have at the moment.

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