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Hey guys
here i am with some new questions
i've bought KangerTech Subox mini-c and i'm waiting for the shipment now
kangertech website, on this page says that the kit comes with a protank 5
people on youtube also saying the same
well, anyway i saw it's not rebuildable but coil can be replaced so i decided to have some extra coils too
i've been looking all around the FastTech but i couldn't find a suitable coil! there are just so many different coils that gets me confused
and then, i searched for protank 5 itself, i couldn't find anything! like it has never existed
isn't that a Subtank Mini-C clearomizer? it is, right? then where are the coils for that now?? aren't there any coils for it on FastTech?
what should i do? can i just rebuild it the way i rebuilt my ce5?

thanks in advance for all the replies


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There are other types of coils you can get for the tank there are well. Just saw clapton and thought I'd show you.

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