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  1. WotofoOfficial

    New Colors & New Coil-nexMESH Sub Ohm Tank

    New Colors for nexMESH Sub Ohm Tank With a New Ni80 Conical Mesh Coil!
  2. 3Avape Official

    $4.99 Kangertech Subtank 25/22mm (With RBA Deck)

    Product introduction Kangertech Subtank is crafted from superior stainless steel, features a large 6.0ml e-juice capacity. The new sub-ohm OCC (Organic Cotton Coil) coils are made with Japanese cotton to provide you incredible vapor production and flavor. Subtank not only includes two different...
  3. CapVanillaCustard

    Freemax Mesh Pro Sub-Ohm tank: A short and sweet review

    Freemax Mesh Pro Sub-Ohm Tank Review Hey everyone! Freemax sent two of their new Mesh Pro sub-ohm tanks to me about a month ago. I'm usually not a fan of sub-ohm tanks but I've put 65+ fills through them because of how good the flavor is! It's a 28mm tank that comes in 6 resin finishes. The...
  4. CapVanillaCustard

    CoilART Mage Sub Ohm Tank review

    CoilART Mage Sub Ohm Tank Review Hello everyone! I've been using the CoilART Mage Sub Ohm Tank for about a month, on and off. It was sent to me by CoilART to review. It's a 24mm sub ohm tank that takes 810 drip tips. It's pretty short at just 34.5mm tall without the drip tip. It's compatible...
  5. leonlee0116jl

    Newbie Question Regarding Battery & Voltage

    Hello everyone! I just received my Kangertech Subox mini. been play around with it for few hours and feels great! My friend just help me build a coil for the RBA and it reads 0.7ohm and I'm vaping at 25W. The voltage was displayed as 4.3V. Is it safe to vape at 25W on the 0.7ohm coil? My...
  6. VapeMate

    Can't open Subtank Mini-C top cap

    at last i have received my Authentic KangerTech Subox Mini-C VW APV Box Mod Kit from fasttech this is my first mod kit, and my second vape device it's so handy and beautiful, i've not found a battery for it yet i was exploring the box and reading the manual first, the mod looks second hand to me...
  7. VapeMate

    Subtank mini-c or protank 5?

    Hey guys here i am with some new questions i've bought KangerTech Subox mini-c and i'm waiting for the shipment now kangertech website, on this page says that the kit comes with a protank 5 people on youtube also saying the same well, anyway i saw it's not rebuildable but coil can be replaced so...
  8. Sahsah

    Smoketech G-Priv 220 watt TC mod+ Big Baby Beast Subtank+2 MXJO Batteries all new perfect condition

    Brand new, hardly used, had it for only a couple weeks and only used it for one day. Great mod, I wish I could keep it, just strapped for cash. Asking $70 (2-Day Shipping included) PayPal G&S. Accepting all offers, cash only, no trades. Thank you, please pm all offers. Edit: Ps I forgot to...
  9. Benny Flavorman

    Spinfuel really liked our Cerabis 44 and 45! Check it out ==>>

    Spinfuel liked our new tanks so much they decided to use them exclusively for their juice reviews! Check out what they had to say about them: You can pick up either of these great tanks and any of our products here...
  10. T

    Can I use Kangertech Toptank mini on my Subox mini?

    Hi, I have a mod for a 50 watt Kangertech Subox mini, and I just bought a tank for it online, but I realized I bought the TopTank Mini instead of a SubTank Mini. Will this tank still work with my mod? Please reply quick, I need to know whether I should cancel it. Thank You.
  11. Ms. Trixy

    Which is the ONE SUBTANK that you go to that NEVER FAILS?

    This thread may very well be helpful to others looking for a simple go-to tank. No RTAs, RDAs or RDTAs. We're talking (even way back when) tanks with replaceable coils that you can grab, prime and fill and not worry about a thing. My Kanger Subohm Tank Pro 7ml. Bing, bang, boom. Not a...
  12. cloudking666

    GOLD Super tank Mini?

    Saw this today on IG, looks great i have to pick up one of these for sure. glad they included a chuff cap for free I think it retails for about 45? dont quote me on that. i need to get my hands on a 25mm
  13. justhetim

    Enigma Tank by MKVapes

    hey guys, i just got this tank from one of my buddies and he told me to try it. i seen a video on instagram with a guy i believe is the maker hitting the tank at 300w with a Koopr Primus. anyone have more details of this tank?? any thoughts? so far, ive been using it for an hour and flavor and...
  14. Redscaddy22

    9.99 subox mini & nano kits on ebay

    Recently posted on ebay are kanger subox 50w mini and nano kits. That come with the mod and subtank. For $9.99 multiple sellers. All shipping from China. Most have decent to not great feedback, and not alot of transactions. I assume there fakes / clones whatever you wanna call em. But...
  15. Matty102

    Subtank plus?

    Does anyone know where I can find a kanger subtank plus v1 drip tip. The one with the three lines at the bottom? Or does anyone have one the would like to get rid of?
  16. Matty102

    Has anyone ever?

    Has anyone ever MTL on 0.05ohm coil? I mean would it work? I am using Subtank plus on second bigger hole. Thank you!
  17. skizzums

    Favorites for the tiny Kangertech RBA (PLUS)

    hey gals/guys, I recently posted a semi-lengthy three about a new Kangertech TCP build that I was toying with the last couple weeks, I don't wanna clog up the post with a quite since it was so pic heavy, but here's a link and a pic...
  18. geomarmorales

    Full Kangertech Subtank Mini Coil Review

    Hello Peeps, I have been vaping for over a year now and wanted to provide my feedback on "What Coil to buy for my Kangertech Subtank". I vape about 30 ML a day - hopefully this gives you an idea of how much vaping I do and how much stress each coil was put under. In this review i will be...
  19. WZM

    Recommendation for sub ohm tank

    Hi there, My battery mod will only take tanks up to 18.5mm diameter- max, preferably 17mm. I have a subtank nano with my trusty nautilus mini for backup. The subtank nano is only 2 months old and leaks all the time so I can't use it anymore without going crazy!... Love the increased vapour...
  20. M

    Ohms Jumping Up Out Of Nowhere?

    I'm not new to vaping (started about 4 years ago), but this is my first sub-ohm kit, and something weird (and kind of scary) just happened :/ It's a new Kanger Subtank Mini with the RBA coil inside, put on a new Coolfire IV mod. I have the Coolfire set to 18 watts and the display says its at...
  21. Arsenicpop

    Help Looking for new setup.

    As the tittle states, I am looking for a new gear set up. I have 70-80$ USD for my budget. Looking for a regulated device and tank combo that will give me a bang for my buck. Right now I am using my Kanger Subox and Subtank Mini combo. I've pretty much been using this thing exclusively since it...
  22. yankev22

    Bad taste with Uwell Crown and iPV D2

    I've been vaping for about 9 months now. I have some experience but there are a lot of things that I don't understand. About a month ago I upgraded to the iPV D2 mod and the Uwell Crown sub tank. I've been VERY happy with the performance of the set up and I haven't had any problems.. until now...
  23. Cudge82

    Subox mini with smok tfv4 compatible with rba deck?

    I'm just wondering if 50watts will be enough to get good flavour from a smok tfv4 with the single or dual coil rba? It comes with a 0.8 coil already on it but I don't mind building another. Most of the reviews are just people using the pre build coils at 80watts etc. I really like the tank but...
  24. BenJammin

    WTS/WTT: **REDUCED** Sub-Ohm Tanks, Mods (Trade for DNA200?)

    I would really be interested in a DNA200 mod if someone could work something out with me... I am looking to sell or trade a lot of the tanks I don't use anymore for another tank or a TC mod. Let me know what you'd be interested in trading and we can try and work something out! Make an offer...
  25. Cudge82

    Twisted 28g kanthal question

    Ive got a subtank mini and was going to twist 2 bits of 28g kanthal together. How would i make this about 1.5ohms? Cheers

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